Charged By The Sun, The Wind, & The Oceans, Cars Could Empower People To Store & The Distribute Renewable Energy

People often ask me about the energy flowing into my LEAF from the charging station. Well, here is Nissan’s larger plan: in a brief and stunning video below promoting a kinder future for our children and grandchildren, Nissan states, “Charged by the sun, the wind, & the oceans, cars could (will) empower people to store and the distribute renewable energy.”

It is Nissan’s plan to enable your vehicle to park autonomously, charge, and move back to your house. Thus, the battery with stored renewable energy will power your house in the morning — stored while you slept. Wow, that would be something. “The fuel station of the future is your home, your street, your city, your car.”

Recently, at the Geneva Motor Show, Nissan in Europe shared this fully renewable connectivity idea and a glimpse into the future – “the first look at its fully connected vision of the future of mobility.”

I encourage you to take 2 minutes and watch the electric video — the forces of renewable light energy in travel and home come alive in it.

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“Integrating zero emission technologies into the built environment is vital in creating smarter, more sustainable cities,” said David Nelson, co-head of Design, Foster + Partners. “That commitment must extend far beyond the car; it must sit at the heart of everything we do.”

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