Nissan Leaf Sales Inch Past Chevy Volt Sales (2013 US Sales Rivalry Update)

electric cars outselling plug in electric cars
Credit: Nissan image modified by Zachary Shahan / EV Obsession

Nissan and GM (or the consumer who buy their electric vehicles) couldn’t make this sales rivalry more interesting. In June, the Chevy Volt inched ahead of the Nissan Leaf in 2013 sales. It was 9855 vs 9839 at the end of the month, with the Chevy Volt having a stronger month after several in which the Leaf kicked butt.

In July, the coin was flipped yet again. 1,864 Nissan Leafs were sold, and 1,788 Chevy Volts were sold. That brings 2013 sales up to 11,703 Nissan Leafs and 11,643 Chevy Volts. It’s comical how close this is. I think I should take bets on which car will come out on top — it’s never too late to become a bookie, right?

Last year, there wasn’t a sales race at all. But when the Leaf started being manufactured in the US and the price was cut over $6,000 as a result, the fun really started. Year to date, Nissan Leaf sales are up 230.3%. Volt sales are also up, but just 9.2%. Nonetheless, it’s very nice to see that even while 100% electric car sales have picked up, plug-in hybrid electric car sales have continued to increase. I have a feeling a big rise in the sales of both is ahead….

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