Nissan Leaf Owners Wax Poetic On Benefits Of Electric Cars (& The Nissan Leaf, In Particular)

Here’s another cool video from Kelly Olsen, this one featuring some Nissan Leaf owners who discuss the benefits of electric cars, how convenient they are, how pretty the Nissan Leaf looks, and how to use the Nissan Leaf. Great, simple video (imho).

My favorite part is probably this part: “The question I get the most is, people ask me, ‘Well what happens if you run out of miles, of power?’… I just say, it tells you how many miles you have left. It’s the same problem like what if you run out of gas?… What if your car breaks down?… It’s the same issue, it’s just electric, you’re just dealing with a different fuel source.”

There are actually a ton of electric car benefits. Scroll through our electric car benefits category for more on that.

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