Nissan Leaf Is Hip, Hot (Commercial)

Nissan has a new commercial out (you can watch it below) for the Nissan Leaf. The key takeaway point that I think Nissan is (quite successfully) aiming for is that the Leaf is hip and hot (focusing quite a bit on its LeafLink app), that it is a great car for young guy or girl. It also wisely slips in the point that the Leaf is (now) being produced in the U.S. (for U.S. customers, of course). This has actually led to quite a substantial price cut for U.S. customers. Anyway, check out the video and let us know if you have any other thoughts:

The Leaf is still far behind the Chevy Volt in monthly sales. Hopefully this ad, its price drop, and its performance improvements will give it a well earned boost.

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