New Disease Afflicting Chevy Volt Owners

Chevy Volt

Frankly, I’ve seen this over and over again — with the Chevy Volt, the Tesla Model S, the Nissan Leaf, and probably other electric cars. It’s a problem… well, a temporary problem, but actually a good thing in the long run! Here are the details from a post on the forum:

Who else is/was afflicted by this ailment?

When I first purchased the Volt, I envisioned it being my daily driver to work. My roundtrip commute is 17 miles, so I was thinking I would just about never use any gas! A little while after purchase I sat down with the wife, it was agreed she’d take the Volt on M/W/F since she had to shuttle the kids to preschool those days and would drive up to 40 miles. I would drive the Volt to work Tu/Th. That made the most sense as it would minimize gas usage. The other person would take the ICE’er the other days (GMC Terrain).

Then a few weeks later she came to me and said “I don’t like the way the Terrain drives! It doesn’t have any power and the engine sound is annoying. And I don’t like switching cars every other day! I’m taking the Volt M-F!”. It was at that time I was afflicted with“Thewifestolemyvolt” disease. 

I (mostly) cured myself by getting her to agree to swap the GMC for a Cmax Energi (2nd car needed to have 5 seats, decent storage, and 20+ mile range, and the Cmax winded up the winner). Now we both have EVs that will cover the bulk of our normal driving without having to burn any gas!

Oy. Wonder why that one doesn’t get the half the attention that BS “range anxiety” gets.

4 thoughts on “New Disease Afflicting Chevy Volt Owners

  1. In reference to:
    > … Affecting Other Electric Car Owners … Now we both have EVsthe engine sound is annoying<

    Electric cars and or EVs do not have engines (ice) nor can burn chemical-fuel on-board.

    The following wording is more accurate:
    Headline –
    Chevy Volt Owner Disease May Also Be Affecting Other Plugin Car Owners

    Last sentence of Volt forum excerpt –
    Now we both have Plugins

    Clumping an ice with EV components does an EV make
    It is neither an ice nor an EV, it is a plug-in-hybrid, with its own set of pros and cons. To perpetuate the misinformation, will only confuse the public when it comes time to buy.

    Put another way, when you don't say what you want correctly, you won't get it:
    -In a Coffee house, you ask for a coffee, but what you really wanted that will make your day complete, is a latte–wXRPotJopI/Tun3pKLwlTI/AAAAAAAAB0E/QqhDsfEWgWk/s1600/latte-art.jpg


    1. Thanks. I wasn’t expecting an ad to show up here :-(. But, good that we can take it apart, which is what I would expect 🙂
      Like throwing meat into a cage of bull terriers.

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