New Aerial Video Of Tesla’s Fremont Manufacturing Facility

A new aerial video of the Tesla Fremont (California) manufacturing facility has surfaced, giving us a pretty recent look at how things are going there. From the video alone, there seem to be quite a lot of new Model S and Model X inventory cars awaiting pickup outside of the facility. Things certainly appear to be busy.

While I don’t spot any Model 3s myself, perhaps there’s one or two somewhere in the video? …

Teslarati provides a bit more: “Since the last seen drone video of Tesla’s manufacturing plant, taken over a year ago by an employee, the factory has gone through some significant updates. Most notably, Tesla completed the build out of its second production line to support production ramp of its Model X electric crossover SUV. The factory had also carved out more room for a new body production line that can switch between Model X and Model S vehicles based on demand. Construction of a new state-of-the-art paint facility had also been completed at the factory.”

The 5.5 million square foot manufacturing facility certainly shows its scale when seen from the air, even if it doesn’t have quite the “strangeness” and charisma of the still-under-construction lithium-ion battery cell and module manufacturing “Gigafactory” located in Nevada. Once completed, that facility will certainly be a sight to see from the air, as it will be one of the largest buildings in the world at that time.

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