Louisiana Tesla Owners Drive & Meetup

It was a perfect day for a Louisiana Tesla Owners (And Dreamers) drive and meetup event in Louisiana. It was a gorgeous fall day with just the right amount of chill in the air, yet when one stood in the sun we could forget the bite of the breeze.

It was a busy day for many in Louisiana, as we had our state’s election day going on and an LSU game planned for the evening. So what to do in the middle of the day? Well for me, it was hanging out with some awesome Tesla owners at the Supercharger. Also, La Divinia, one of the local restaurants, sponsored the Baton Rouge portion of the event and gave us free gelato.


The Drive

The journey was from central Louisiana into south Louisiana while promoting the Tesla brand and general EV awareness. It started up in Alexandria at The Levee Restaurant, cruised on through Lake Charles, on to Baton Rouge, and the final destination was Slidell.

All of these cities have one thing in common: Tesla Superchargers. Lafayette will soon have one as well. Benny’s Car Wash also has some gifts for Tesla owners: complimentary car wash codes for when a Tesla needs a bath.

The Baton Rouge Meetup

I attended the Baton Rouge meet up and rode with Ann Vail, my friend who I’ve met in the Louisiana Tesla Owners and Dreamers Facebook group (and also rode with to New Orleans for the Clean Fuels Summit last month). It was awesome to see La Divinia hosting the Baton Rouge event and giving all the Tesla owners gelato. I’ve eaten there a few times and have gone to their live music (blues nights) events.

Tesla Louisiana

Some of the conversations that I participated in centered around four topics: The Tesla Cybertruck, LSU games, and the Saints game. When it comes to the Tesla Cybertruck, everyone I spoke to seemed excited about it. After all, here in the South, we love our trucks.

I got to link up with Zac Reddix and his wife Chynna — they came in their gorgeous red Model X, and if you remember Zac, then you know he is all about the Tesla Semi. I took this shot of Chynna’s Model X as we chatted about the Cybertruck and why I wanted it even though the X is my dream car:

Ann Vail even got to participate in the #FrunkPuppyFriday contest this week — below is the photo of her and her dog, Queso, who is such a sweetheart. Ann also got to meet Little Tesla, a kitten who now calls me Mama. (No, this kitten literally has a meowy version of Mama he uses when he is frustrated with me!)

Little Tesla is aptly named because, like his namesake, he fought hard to get where he is. I got him at 8 days old when he was abandoned by his mom. He’d been stuck in a shed for two days in the cold (cold here is in the ’50s) and dampness — and Little Tesla got to make his first #FrunkKittyFriday submission this week also thanks to a traveling Tesla friend from Twitter.

After the event we watched the LSU game and waited for the election results, hoping the best candidate would win — and he did! It was a pretty fun day ending with beer, football, kitten toys, and pizza.

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