A New Tesla Myth To Debunk

There is a new Tesla myth to debunk that requires one to actually use their brain cells. It’s not that difficult really. We use our brains for many things. We plan things, we brush our teeth, we read, write and learn. So, this should be simple, right?

I am talking about the fact that Tesla releasing new products and announcing new factories is … about the products and factories. There seems, at least on Twitter, to be a new narrative among those in the “TSLAQ” community which dictates that anytime Tesla launches a new product or announces a new factory, then Elon Musk is pumping up the stock market.

The latest narratives are that Tesla manipulated the stock market by finally announcing the location of the newest Gigafactory, which will be in Berlin. Other narratives include a “chain of pumps” β€” the Model Y, China Gigafactory 3 starting production, Tesla reporting a quarterly profit (which Tesla legally has to announce), and now announcing the location of GF4, which Elon Musk has mentioned for years and said several times would be announced this year.

Debunking the New Tesla Myth

I want to educate the small retail short sellers who tend to believe this line of reasoning — that telling the world of a new product is coming is market manipulation. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Walmart, and many others often announce things such as sales, new products, new locations, etc. When a company has a product, they often have a product release or product launch. This will happen for the Cybertruck on November 21, but far from being something abnormal or sinister, this is just what consumer-facing businesses do. Techopedia explains this better:

“A product release is the process of launching a new product for a specific market or user base. In software development, a product release is sometimes done with a beta version so that core developers/users can assist with debugging and feedback prior to the release of the actual software.” β€”Techopedia.

This isn’t a market pump, but a company being successful. Just because one bets against a company and loses doesn’t mean it’s the fault of said company for being successful. No, the blame lies upon those who are betting against the company.

The short burn of the century really hasn’t started, in my opinion. To be honest, seeing people lose their money really doesn’t sit well with me as a human — but seeing people vehemently attack, berate, and root for the failure of a good company lose their money gives one a sense of karmic justice.

Perhaps one would surmise that betting against a company such as Tesla would be an idiotic thing to do, yet billions have already been wasted thanks to the chosen ignorance of those who believe in “Tesla’s death” (or other conspiratorial motives we won’t get into). They often have Twitter bios filled with the phrases “Tesla death watch” or “Tesla deaths” and really have no shame in creating false narratives.

The myth that Tesla is pumping the stock by having product releases, product launches, or even, God forbid, an actual new factory opening up … is more than just faulty logic. It’s a made-up story with the intent to bring financial harm to Tesla.

To those who knowingly push this, I personally don’t wish for you to burn, but at the same time, the burn will be the only thing to stop you from seeking to harm Americans. Yes, I phrased it that way intentionally. Tesla is an American company that employs American citizens — as well as global citizens in its Shanghai factory, its Dutch assembly factory, and at stores and service centers in many markets. It’s also helpful to the American economy and shows that America is again a major leader in both the auto and tech industries. So, you seeking to harm Tesla with lies is equivalent to you seeking to harm the everyday Americans who work there.

You’re trying to harm America’s image — which has already taken a hit thanks to our poor example of a president. Instead of wasting billions of dollars trying to harm a great company, how about donating that money to various charities instead? I mean, if you really want to get rid of the money that badly, there are plenty of people who would love to have it. My point — stop being irresponsible and spreading lies. It doesn’t behoove you to do so. I suggest you brush up on your vocabulary and learn a few new words, such as marketing, product launch, product release, and marketing strategy.

Photo by Kyle Field, CleanTechnica

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