Another Open Letter To Elon Musk

Dear Elon Musk,

I’m going to just dive in.  I would not be on the path I am walking on today if it were not for your influence. The ability to connect with someone like you through Twitter is amazing.

open letter

I didn’t think you would ever see or read what I wrote in 2018, and I definitely would not be where I am today without your influence. However, this time, I am not writing to you to thank you. Today, I was playing one of your motivational videos for my new kitten — he likes music and videos and in one of them you said,

“I’m not trying to be anyone’s savior. I’m just trying to think about the future and not be sad.”

I am writing you this to not only encourage you, but to remind you that you are needed. There was another open letter written anonymously that circulated around Twitter over the weekend when you’d left Twitter, and many speculated as to whether or not you would have returned. I want to build upon that letter. It highlights something that many of your supporters feel: you have a bright light.

“We need your light.  We need you to shine brightly and to keep believing in the good because the good believes in you. You may think Twitter has failed you, but it hasn’t. At least, not those of us who follow you, who look up to you and respect you. Twitter is a system that, like all others, is man-made and unfortunately does have flaws.” —Anonymous

There is another quote I would like to share with you. It’s one from a musician whose positivity I admire. The reason why I wanted to share this was because of what you said about not trying to be anyone’s savior. To be honest, many of us don’t set out with goals to “save” people. It just happens. Many people live for tomorrow — not the futuristic version like what you see, but thinking of the immediate tomorrow. They don’t foresee what could happen to us in 100 years. They think of their next Twitter notifications, their next SMS, and what bill needs to be paid right away.

We live in a society that pretty much focuses on the moment and not the actual future. In a world dominated by materialism and a toxic political atmosphere, we have so few true role models to look up to. I can’t even think about the  President of the United States without cringing. So, I have to agree with Alex Boye on this one:


“You say you ain’t a hero but maybe it chose you. If this is your Goliath, then you gotta see it through. Don’t let the light of hope go out.” Alex Boye

Another thing mentioned in that anonymous open letter is a small fact about Twitter that I have overlooked. In a world where we seem to disconnect more and more from one another, we often turn to sites like Twitter to connect with people.

Twitter is beautiful, yet like water, it can be destructive. Let’s look at what Ilhan Omar is going through. There are actual death threats being aimed at her. She’s black, Muslim, and people are calling for her lynching. Twitter, as in the case of TSLAQ, is looking the other way.

Twitter has a dark side, and leaving Twitter, in my opinion, will not shine light onto the darkness. Leaving is great for your mental health, but overall, I think we need more people to stand up and encourage Twitter to do something instead of turning a blind eye to all the hatred and toxicity coming from those who would destroy this country with their own hatred for the “other.” For this to happen, we need to see. 

You continue to innovate, to succeed, to create despite your adversaries who wish you to fail. They mock you, call you a fraud, make up lies about you and target people who support you. This only makes us support you even harder. Because, through all of this, we see your light. We believe in you, Elon Musk. Never doubt that. —Anonymous.

Elon, when you advised me to “believe in good” last year, you made me feel like I mattered. Whenever you reply to someone on Twitter, they feel as if they are seen — that they mattered enough for the CEO of SpaceX to reply to them on Twitter. Your light, wherever you choose to shine it, will radiate like a million suns. Light attracts those seeking it and those opposing it.

What I am asking you here is to never, ever let that light of yours dim. No matter how dark it gets, no matter how bleak it gets, and no matter how intense things get. Never stop glowing, Elon.

We see you.

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