Long Wait Times Reported For Tesla Repairs In Norway

Some of those needing to take their Teslas into service centers in Norway for repairs have been reporting very long wait times as of late, going by some new threads on the Tesla Motors Club forum.

A recent one was even begun by someone making mention of wait times of 4 to 5 months to fix something as simple as a scroll button.

Here’s the comment in question (via “Dennis87“):

I did adjust the volume yesterday and the scroll button on the left side stopped working. So I can no longer adjust volume, mute music from the wheel. And also can’t change views or reset the screen.

Ok no big deal I did think since the service center should be able to fix this soon. But no, Tesla Norway say I must wait for my 20,000 km service I have scheduled for march next year to fix this. Since they are overbooked.

Tesla Norway have big issues with long waiting times (4-5 months) and this is just not acceptable. My car have already been in and out of the service center many times because of other issues and leaks and the service center did often just make things they “fix” even worse!

And now this issue and the ridiculous wait time just make me want to buy something else. Its really annoying to have bough my first new car ever (P85D delivered in April 2015) And I feel the service is worse than you get after buying a old $500 used car at the corner.

That does sounds pretty ridiculous, if true — especially considering the price point of the Model S P85D. How can wait times that long be justified by a luxury automaker?

Apparently, similar issues might be occurring in parts of the UK. “JonG” commented:

That’s worse that I thought and I knew times weren’t great. There are people in the uk waiting for panels with their car off the road and after 6 weeks they’ve not even been given an estimated date for delivery. Some Insurance companies are now refusing to insure tesla because of the delays.


Are any of our readers who own Teslas experiencing anything similar? We’ve heard the situation isn’t so severe in the US, but don’t have a lot of data points to go off of.

In another thread started about a month earlier on the topic (again, for Norway), “slcuervo” noted:

I have mixed feelings about this. I have indeed experienced the if not urgent you need to wait 2-3 months thing, but on the other hand, last time I took my car to a SC (Skøyen), which BTW was with an appointment given 3 months earlier, I asked them to check my drive unit because I had the whining sound that typically leads to replacement.
And they indeed confirmed it needed to be replaced, which happened overnight. Was I just lucky and they had a spare drive unit sitting there waiting for me to show up?
Who knows… But I was pleasantly surprised by how fast they did it!

Oyvind.H” on that thread noted, “If you got a new DU directly you’ve been lucky. The waiting list for new DU is looong. However, to me the most alarming fact is the half year wait to fix the car. 2-3 months is not what people experience nowadays. Browse Facebook or the Norwegian ev forum. Or call them to schedule an appointment. The wait is half a year. I’ve been hoping for an improvement. But it’s going south. Quickly.”

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