Tesla Model X Signature Editions Cheaper Than Comparable Production Editions

Those who chose to plonk down the $40,000 deposit for a Tesla Model X a few years back may be happy to hear that the math seems to show that Signature reservation holders are (or will be) getting quite a discount, as compared to production reservation holders who choose the same options. This is counter to the assumption that they’d be paying a “Sig tax” like Signature Model S buyers did.

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Going by the math of “DJ Frustration” on the Tesla Motors Club forum, the savings total $6,750.

Here’s his math:

Options GP “Sig’ish”
P90D $115,500
Titanium $1,000
22″ Silver $4,500
Tan or Black Leather $2,500
Figured Ash Décor $750
7 Seat Interior $4,000
Autopilot $2,500
Premium Upgrades Pkg $4,500
Ultra High Fidelity Sound $2,500
Towing Pkg $750
High Amperage Charger $1,000
Destination & Document $1,200
Total $140,700

Options Signature
P90D $132,000
Towing Pkg $750
Destination & Document $1,200
Total $133,950

Savings if Signature $6,750

Another forum member by the name of “MyBoylan” responded to these figures, though, and noted:

You’re close. But the discount is actually a little bigger for Sigs. A fully loaded production car with premium paint, Ludicrous mode, premium interior, 72 Amp charger and all the options rings up at $152,450. A fully loaded Sig with Ludicrous mode, tow package and Cold Weather package totals $144,950. So it’s actually a $7,500 discount. Plus they can get signature red paint which has additional value, just due to its exclusivity.

Go Sigs! Tesla thanks you for your $40K interest-free loans for three and a half years!

Of course, $40K invested in TSLA stock in February 2012 (month of the X prototype reveal) would now be worth enough to buy *two* fully loaded Model Xes. But that’s probably not a fair comparison. Many Tesla owners and depositors also own TSLA in various amounts.

Good news for those who placed reservations all the way back when the company started taking them…. Though, given the long wait, that money could obviously have been more productive elsewhere (if put in the right place, like TSLA stock, of course).

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