Inspiring Quotes From Tesla Job Applicants

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Obviously, with plans to significantly ramp up production of its Model X and Model S this year, and then go into hyperspeed while ramping production of the Model 3, Tesla Motors needs to hire a lot more people. Based in California and Nevada, that means a lot of American jobs.

Tesla held yet another job fair this past weekend (in Newark, California — I know, I didn’t realize there was a Newark in California either). TeslaMondo dropped a short update on this, noting with enthusiasm that there was no need to bring in the cops this time.

Local media outlet KPIX 5 interviewed some of the job seekers, and a few quotes stood out to me and triggered me to write this short article. Check these beauties out:

  • “I like to try new things and be innovative and that’s why I don’t go into Ford or Honda because I don’t think that’s going to be the future. Tesla’s going to be the future.” — Angelo Gamez
  • “A new, great company. I feel like they are going to grow. They are the future.” — Alejandro de la Cruz.
  • “Making jobs for other people. That’s really what America is.” — Russel Vicente
  • “I would love to build a Tesla car. Who wouldn’t?” — Sheena Michael

Puts some great words to the Tesla employee satisfaction and enthusiasm for the mission that we’ve seen highlighted in a more aggregate way before.

One has to wonder, how many super fans does Tesla actually have?

Regarding the warehouse expansion, which we’ve already covered a little bit, the news outlet writes, “KPIX 5 learned that Tesla will be leasing more than a million square feet in two–possibly three–massive storage facilities in Livermore.”

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  1. Attracting the most talented, experienced and enthusiastic job applicants is another advantage Tesla has over their competition.

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