Efficient Drivetrains Reveals OEM Developer Kit For Rapid PHEV Development

The electric + hybrid drivetrain solutions firm Efficient Drivetrains has begun offering an electrification kit and developer support program to help manufacturers develop plug-in hybrid offerings, according to recent reports.

The new Efficient Drivetrains (EDI) PowerDrive kit is intended to help auto manufacturers easily develop plug-in hybrid (PHEV) offerings through the application of a comprehensive framework for such products.


The new EDI PowerDrive kit features “a high-efficiency drivetrain (EDI PowerDrive); vehicle control and telematics software (EDI PowerSuite); and the training and support infrastructure to enable OEMs to drive quicker time to market in offering PHEV and EV vehicles.”

recent press release provides more:

OEMs can also further customize their vehicle solutions with EDI’s Electric Power Export (Power2ETM) option—the capability to export a range of power directly from the vehicle for use in disaster recovery, jobsite maintenance, tool operation, and other applications.

The EDI PowerDriveTM system is less complex, more efficient, and lighter than any offering in the industry. The unique, inline form factor allows the drivetrain to integrate into any light, medium, or heavy duty vehicle design. The 4-mode system intelligently and automatically adapts its functions so it can operate as either a pure electric vehicle (EV) for trips around the neighborhood, or as a Series Hybrid, optimum for stop-and-go city traffic conditions, or as an efficient Parallel Hybrid that is ideal for the highway. It also features an EV+TM mode for hill climbing and added acceleration.

Interestingly, EDI recently expanded it patent portfolio to a substantial degree — to include a number of new patents related to drivetrain, power export, and software architecture, amongst other things.

The company also notes that “initial evaluation systems have been installed across 6 leading OEM platforms in US and Asia.”

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