Fisker Karma Reborn… Nearly… Sort of

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Fisker Karma has ridden the ebbs and flows of the EV enthusiast market, and after scraping the bottom of the market in a recent bankruptcy (resulting in new ownership, along with a fresh stream of cash), Karma Automotive has risen from the ashes. The newly rebranded Karma Automotive is again at the foot of the launchpad, mere steps away from what it hopes to be the realization of the dreams that sparked the creation of the company in the first place — a dream, a vision, a bold statement in classic design molded around a high-tech hybrid/electric drivetrain.

Karma sent us an email update, sharing details on its factory in Southern California that is almost complete — with a target date of May (this year!). While this may spark fires in the hearts of long-time Karma fans, in today’s odd blend of pseudo-successful EV startups standing in stark contrast to incumbents slowly pivoting towards electric drivetrains, it’s anyone’s guess what Karma is actually going to release and if it will be viable.

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The all-new Karma Automotive claims to continue the legacy of high end passionate, uncompromising vehicles with an undercurrent of responsibility. Without wasting any words on the matter, Karma claims to be a “responsible company” but lacks any sort of depth to support it. I admit a bit of skepticism towards a brand that claims to have a “legacy” after having only produced a handful of cars. Having said that, Karma interiors definitely have a high-end, classic-luxurious feel to them that speak to classic design roots.

In support of the unofficial restart of the brand, Karma is kicking the marketing engine into high gear by way of sponsoring the “Karma Award” at celebrity awards ceremonies across the US. The first was in luxe Beverly Hills, home to many of Hollywood’s elite. The connection between an automotive company and a high-end awards ceremony isn’t clear other than the obvious connection to Hollywood money and connecting that money with information about Karma vehicles … ok, I admit, it’s a fairly obvious play for attention.

We will be watching Karma Automotive to see what happens with the new factory right here in Southern California and will do our best to get the inside scoop on what’s coming down the pipe.

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Hi Kyle,

Thanks for your interest in the new Karma Automotive, and thanks for your patience. We wanted to wait until we had news we could share, and now is the time!

Construction on our plant in Southern California is nearing completion: The paint shop is nearly complete, the body shop is in the middle of tool tryout, and general assembly is being installed. By May, the plant will essentially be complete.

Development of our first vehicle has entered the home stretch: We can’t say much here without revealing product details that we aren’t prepared to reveal, but we are practicing the assembly of our MY17 vehicles right now!

We have unveiled our new web site: We hope you have noticed our new web site: sophisticated and luxurious, clean and elegant, different and personal. Our new Content Wall incorporates new video clips on a regular basis, and we now have bios for all our key executives available on the site.

Our marketing efforts have begun: We sponsored an inspiring event at the Montage in Beverly Hills, where entertainment stars were given awards for their philanthropic contributions. The Karma Award went to Morgan Freeman for his efforts to propel early childhood education in the county in Mississippi where he was raised. Our next event is at Cipriani in New York, where we will honor actress and philanthropist Mariska Hargitay for her work healing, educating, and empowering victims of sexual assault.

So we hope you get the idea: We are in the home stretch, and we can’t wait to tell you more soon. Let us know where you are (a zip code is fine; no phone numbers or address required), so we can feed you only the most relevant stuff.

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