e2o Electric Car From Mahindra Reva Goes On Sale This Month

mahindra e20Granted, the e20 is not going on sale in the U.S. (meaning that it won’t be available to most of our readers, but certainly a decent number of them).

The e20 electric car from Mahindra Reva is a microcar would look to add to the 7 million electric vehicles (mostly 2-wheeled vehicles and buses) that are currently on the streets of India, while also providing a “middle class” car for those who want one.

The e20 has a range of 60 miles on full charge, and it has a top speed of 60 miles per hour.

In particular, Mahindra Reva’s aim is to sell about 30,000 electric cars by 2015–2016 — that’s the capacity of its Bengalaru factory. However, about half of those are aimed for export.

It should be noted that, while India has ongoing incentives for manufacturers of electric vehicles, it recently cut incentives for EV consumers.

An interesting side note about Mahindra Reva is that it was named after the wife of former Indian Bosch engineer Chetan Maini, who founded the company in 1994.

Wondering where the name comes from? Here’s a bit on that from Mahindra Reva:

“The Mahindra e20 has been named keeping in mind the overall Mahindra Reva philosophy of ‘inspired by orange to go green’ for sustainable living. The ‘e’ in Mahindra e20 stands for the energy of the Sun which is abundant and clean. The ‘2’ pronounced as ‘to’ signifies the connected technologies in the car, while ‘o’,represents ‘Oxygen’, the life force that sustains all of our existence on Planet Earth. Thus, the name in its totality is a testimony to the Mahindra Group’s commitment to a cleaner environment for our planet.”

I’m not going to lie, that seems like one of the oddest explanations for a car name. But I still love the car. 😀

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