97-Year-Old On How EV Chargers Are Like Gas Stations Were Back In The Day

97 year old ev driverIf you’re healthy and lucky enough to live to the age of 97, you’ll go through your share of technological revolutions, me thinks. Mr Charlie Yaeger has certainly done so, and changes in vehicle technology are a part of that.

Mr Yaeger has actually owned a Ford Model T and a Baker Electric, as well as a long list of other cars. The man’s been driving for a wicked 80 years. Oh, by the way, he’s a Nissan Leaf fan.

Mr Yaeger, in the video below, demonstrates how driving gasmobiles was far more difficult for decades than driving electric vehicles is today. Nonetheless, at its nascent stage of development, the U.S. public EV charging network is still spread out and and sparse enough that many are scared to switch over to an EV (irrationally scared, in my opinion, since many of them can charge at home; 97% of trips are under 50 miles, which most EV battery packs can easily travel on a full charge; and people can always rent or borrow cars for long trips). But anyway, watch the fun video:


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