Connecticut Adds $1 Million More To EV Rebate Program

The state of Connecticut has gone ahead and taken action to extend the terms of its electric vehicle rebate program — the Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate Program — by adding another $1 million in funding, according to recent reports.

In addition to the infusion of $1 million more into the rebate program, a further $1 million in additional funding will be made available for incentivizing government fleet purchases and/or charging station installations.


“With the Connecticut International Auto Show opening Friday at the Connecticut Convention Center, now is the perfect time to focus attention on the advantages offered by electric vehicles,” stated Robert Klee, commissioner of the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, at the announcement.

“We’re doing that by making an additional $1 million in funding available for a rebate program that’s putting money right back in the pocket of those who purchase an electric vehicle and making another $1 million in grants available to state agencies and cities and towns who want to purchase electric vehicles for their fleets and install charging stations for public use,” stated Klee.

As it stands, the state’s consumer rebate program offers buyers of electric vehicles (EVs), that are residents, up to $3,000 in rebates. The rebate applies to both all-electrics (EVs) and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), but the rebate amount is determined based on the battery capacity of the vehicle in question — the larger the battery, the higher the rebate. So, all-electrics tend to receive a higher rebate than PHEVs (the Chevy Volt notwithstanding).

More information is available at this website.

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