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Next-Gen Lithium-Ion Batteries From Bosch, Mitsubishi, & GS Yuasa

Robert Bosch GmbH and two Japanese companies — GS Yuasa International Ltd. and Mitsubishi Corporation — recently announced that they were going to triple team lithium-ion battery technology. Well, yeah, they didn’t use the term “triple team,” but they did announce that they’re working together on next-generation Li-ion batteries. Clearly, such large leaders in related […]

June 28th

Tesla Battery Swap Q&A And Demo Videos

The big electric car news of the week was surely the Tesla Model S battery pack swap demo that I wrote about yesterday. Tesla had been hinting about it for weeks… or years, depending on how you count. But I don’t think anyone anticipated that the battery swap would take just 90 seconds. (Okay, fine, […]

June 22nd

Tesla Unveils 90-Second Battery Swap (VIDEO)

Tesla’s last big announcement following months of good news and press conferences was the announcement that it could perform a 90-second battery swap and would be rolling out battery swapping stations on the East and West Coast this year. This announcement took the form of a battery swapping demo last night (Thursday, June 20) at 8:00pm […]

June 21st

Zap Jonway Introduces 4 New EV Models For China

Zap Jonway, an automobile manufacturer headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, has unveiled its latest lineup of 2013 electric vehicles, including two versions of a 5-star minivan, a 3-Door E380 SUV, and a 5-Door E-Falcon SUV. The 5-star minivan EV comes in two versions, the EV-L, and the minivan-LA. The EV-L is powered by lithium-ion batteries, and the […]

June 20th

Long-Range EV From GM & Envia (Rumors)

We’ve got some potentially big news out of Rumor Land. According to the rumor, GM could be working on a long-range electric vehicle that would actually have twice the energy density of the Tesla Model S. Jeff Cobb of writes: “at the annual conference of Canada’s Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association, GM’s head of global […]

June 13th

A123 Exits Bankruptcy, Becomes B456

Well known lithium-ion battery manufacturer A123 Systems (which supplied batteries for the Fisker Karma) went the unfortunate bankruptcy route last year. It is now about to fully pull itself out of that, with the help of China’s Wanxiang (which is purchasing the company), a plan to pay off all its debt. The company has won […]

June 11th

CalCharge, CalCEF, & Berkeley Lab Team Up For Better Battery Research

Here’s a cool announcement from from CalCharge, CalCEF, and Berkeley Lab: BERKELEY, Calif. – May 3, 2013 – Beginning this month, the rapidly emerging California battery sector will have access to new resources to accelerate its growth: an opportunity to work alongside world-class scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab). This opportunity is available to members […]

May 4th

BYD Going 100% Electric & Hybrid To Save Company

BYD, one of China’s larger automakers, recently announced a new strategic plan to save its ailing company. This follows BYD stock sinking about 75% in the past year. The company has decided to stop producing gas engines and produce only electric and hybrid vehicles within two years. The decision has come with pressure from the BYD stakeholders, like US investor […]

April 30th

Ultracapacitor Startup Raises €2.2 Million

An executive from ultracapacitor startup Skeleton Technologies emailed me recently to let me know that the company had just raised €2.2 million in Round A financing. According to a press release shared with me, Skeleton Technologies’ ultracapacitors “have 4 times higher power densities and up to 2 times higher energy densities than the closest competitors.” The […]

April 19th

New Research Sheds Light On The Life Of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Interested in buying an EV but holding out because of questions about battery lifespan? Well, now, new research recently presented at the 245th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) can provide you with the answers that you’re looking for. “The battery pack could be used during a quite reasonable period of […]

April 12th

Nearly 200,000 Plug-In Electric Vehicles With V2B Technology To Be Sold By 2020

In a recent study by Navigant Research, the market research firm reports that nearly 200,000 plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) equipped with vehicle-to-building (V2B) technology will be sold from 2012 through 2020. (This should be a standard option on all PEVs sold.) The V2B technology allows the energy stored in the PEV batteries to be available to commercial and residential […]

April 8th

Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Get Technological Boost

A new lithium-sulfur battery design has been created that improves the charge cycles of lithium-sulfur batteries by a factor of seven. This significant improvement in technology means that perhaps in the near future, lithium-sulfur batteries, which are considerably more cost-effective that lithium-ion batteries, will become a viable choice for use in electric vehicles. The new […]

April 3rd

Bollore Bluecar — €12,000 Electric Car

Electric cars keep getting cheaper and cheaper, fast. Of course, one easy way to drop the purchase price of an electric car is to drop its battery pack. Naturally, an electric car needs batteries to run, but if the batteries are leased rather than bought, the market opens up to a lot of people who […]

March 16th

Toyota Recycling Hybrid Electric Vehicle Batteries Into Energy Management Systems

Toyota and others keep improving how they are using old electric vehicle batteries. Here’s one of the latest stories on this progress: Toyota Recycles Hybrid Batteries Into Energy Management Systems (via Clean Technica) A shift in Toyota’s research and development strategy could put a charge into the nascent technological application of recycling hybrid vehicle batteries […]

March 13th