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Barcelona’s Bus Story Explains Why Battery-Electric Vehicles Are Growing Fast & Hydrogen Vehicles Not

The experience of Barcelona’s leading transit agency, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB), provides an excellent comparison of the key difference between battery-electric vehicles and hydrogen-powered vehicles, a difference that exists today and will exist indefinitely. TMB has been a member of Europe’s Hydrogen Bus Alliance for years. In the past, it has even trialled hydrogen-powered buses. […]

December 8th

Shell: Oil On The Way Out

Earlier this year, Shell released its most recent future energy scenario report, New Lens Scenarios (check out the PDF here). One of the big highlights, in my eyes, was that one of the scenarios (Oceans) projected that solar energy would become the largest source of energy by 2070. However, another big projection that someone recently picked out […]

October 22nd

Nissan Building Cars More Greenly, Not Just Greener Cars

With its sprint into the 100%-electric-car arena, Nissan is a clear leader in the production of greener cars. While the greenness of a car’s operation is certainly the biggest environmental innovation worthy of praise, Nissan also deserves some praise for how it is greening its manufacturing process. Rather than spend a lot of time writing […]

September 5th

BMW + Vattenfall Start EV Battery Reuse Partnership

BMW Group and Vattenfall have reportedly partnered up to jointly conduct research on the secondary use of high-voltage EV batteries from the MINI E and BMW ActiveE. The BMW release is in German, and Google doesn’t to the best job of clearly translating this one, but Mike Millikin of Green Car Congress summarizes/translates it thus: The […]

September 5th

Solar Hybrid EV From UNSW

This article originally published on RenewEconomy The award-winning UNSW Solar Racing Team, Sunswift, is making a big transition this year – from racing a solar module on wheels to what team members think might be the future of the car; a solar electric…

August 23rd

University Of Minnesota Solar Car Unveiled

Meet the Daedalus — the University of Minnesota’s new Cruiser-class solar racing car. The new — and rather interesting-looking — vehicle is going to be the university’s entry into the 2013 World Solar Challenge in October. These photos represent the vehicle’s unveiling before the 3,000-kilometer (1,864-mile) race across the Australian Outback. Solar Racing has more: […]

July 31st

EV Sales Doubled In 2013 — Why?

The US Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced that about twice as many electric vehicles were sold in the first half of 2013 compared to the first half of 2012. The DOE noted the very low cost of fueling an electric car versus fueling a gasmobile, and the eGallon tool it recently unveiled. “The eGallon, a […]

July 24th

Resolution: Solar Car From Cambridge University

Here’s another entry into the upcoming World Solar Challenge solar car race in Australia — Cambridge University’s solar car “Resolution”: Cambridge’s Solar Racer (Resolution) Includes Solar Tracking Tech (via Clean Technica) This article first appeared on Gas2. Keep up to date with all the latest World Solar Challenge solar cars and news here on CleanTechnica. […]

July 14th

Stanford Solar Car Luminos — More Context, Info, Pictures

Want some more context and info on Stanford’s solar car for the upcoming World Solar Challenge — Luminos? Or simply more pictures? Here you go: Luminos — Stanford’s Solar Car (via Clean Technica) 10 days ago, Tim wrote up a good post on Luminos, Stanford’s solar car for the 2013 World Solar Challenge (a 2000-mile solar car […]

July 14th

Solar-Powered Car (Luminos) In Wind Tunnel Test (VIDEOS)

Stanford’s new solar-powered car for the World Solar Challenge in Australia, a solar car race, is called Luminos. More details about the car, including a nearly 10-minute video on the making of the car, are included in the CleanTechnica repost below. First, however, here’s a cool video of Luminos’ wind tunnel test in the famous Aerodyn […]

July 10th

Solar-Powered EV That Seats 4 (Stella)

This article is being reposted from Solar Love: If you’re unfamiliar with the World Solar Challenge, it’s an event where universities and research institutes create solar cars and race them 3000 kilometers (1864 miles) across the hot, dry landscape of Australia. Pretty cool. This year, Solar Team Eindhoven (STE) of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is doing […]

July 10th

Honda & UC Davis Launch Smart Home Pilot Project

Right around the same time as Ford and KB Home teamed up to launch a smart home pilot project, Honda launched one of its own — Honda Smart Home US. Solar panels on the home in Davis, CA, will be used to charge a Honda Fit EV. From the construction on, the project is being […]

April 29th

Elon Musk TED Talk (Must Watch)

Here’s Elon Musk at a February 2013 TED Talk discussing electric vehicles, the groundbreaking Tesla Model S, electric vehicle charging stations, solar power, SolarCity, SpaceX, reusable rockets, “the physics approach,” and negative feedback: I’m actually not adding commentary because I think it’s a great talk that really just deserves a watch. h/t TreeHugger

March 26th

Win A Smart Electric Car & Solar Power System! (Seriously)

Real Goods Solar, a leading solar power installer, is hosting a sweepstakes that I think you’d all like to win. The Grand Prize is: “(A) One home solar electric system from Real Goods Solar up to 1.5 kilowatts DC with standard roof installation (the “System” ARV: up to $7,500); (b) Site analysis for System and […]

March 21st

Solar + EV = Win!

Solar panels on your home combined with an electric vehicle in your garage seems like a no-brainer. A number of big companies have partnered to offer that. The latest duo is Honda–SolarCity. Check out the recent news below.

March 11th

39% Of California EV Owners Have Solar Panels (Infographic)

I’ve heard higher figures quoted regarding owners of specific electric vehicles, but this is the first “official” stat I’ve seen. California has more plug-in electric vehicles sold than any other state (12,000, or 35% of nationwide sales), and it’s now adding about 1,000 plug-in electric vehicles per month. A recent survey of 1,419 of these […]

February 23rd