EVgo Publishes New Fleet Electrification Guide

LOS ANGELES – March 3, 2021 — EVgo, the nation’s largest public fast charging network for electric vehicles (EVs) and the only North American charging network powered by 100% renewable electricity, today released a new comprehensive guide designed to help fleet operators effectively navigate and realize the benefits of fleet electrification. Entitled “How to Succeed with Fleet Electrification,” the guide reflects EVgo’s depth and expertise in operating charging infrastructure and collaborating with fleets making the shift to electric. The document illuminates the critical drivers of fleet electrification, current barriers and how to address them, and the keys to achieving operational success. 

How to Succeed with Fleet Electrification
A comprehensive guide to ensure operational success

EVgo’s new How to Succeed with Fleet Electrification guide forms a road map to help all types of fleet managers initiate the transition to an electric fleet.  For fleet managers looking to take advantage of the economic and environmental benefits of electrification, it can be difficult to know where to start.  To guide them in this effort, EVgo details how electric fleets can deliver significant total cost of ownership savings compared to fossil-fueled fleets, and highlights how working with experienced partners to match charging solutions to specific fleet operator needs is key to making the transition efficient.  As part of deploying charging infrastructure, fleet operators must also learn a new system and language for fueling and managing their fleets.

The transportation sector is currently undergoing a massive transformation with the transition from conventional vehicles to electric. Automakers around the globe have announced more than $300 billion of EV investments amid a proliferation of affordable electric vehicles and greater choice in EV models further aiding adoption. Fleet electrification for rideshare, delivery, municipal, autonomous, and other market segments is helping drive this significant rising tide in the transportation sector. The federal government has also indicated its commitment to an electric future, with President Biden signing an executive order in January 2021 to electrify the federal government’s fleet of 645,000 vehicles. The momentum behind fleet electrification is accelerating, supported by the lower total cost of EV ownership, regulatory imperatives, and increased focus on environmental sustainability alignment.

“EVgo has been leading the way in helping fleets unlock the significant benefits of electrification. Most fleets carry a much more intensive drive pattern than retail drivers, including a dramatically higher level of miles driven, amplifying the value of going electric,” said Cathy Zoi, CEO of EVgo. “But the vehicles comprising the fleet segment are not homogeneous, and neither are the charging infrastructure needs. From light duty EVs to electrified trucks and buses, EVgo is leading the development of customized fleet charging solutions with our partners across the country.”

How to Succeed with Fleet Electrification” discusses the advantages to fleet operators of decarbonizing their fleets, including reducing costs, capitalizing on incentive programs, supporting sustainability goals and proactively positioning ahead of potential regulatory requirements. EVgo details how fleets can overcome barriers to electrification, learn and adapt operations for success in an all-electric future. With EVgo’s charging infrastructure deployment expertise, its fleet partners enjoy a simplified path to electrification. EVgo leverages its decade of experience developing, owning and operating convenient and efficient fast charging to bring a set of customized solutions for fleet partners, from level 2 through high power DCFC smart charging, and flexible ownership options. Fleets working with EVgo as their charging provider can trust that reliability and uptime along with cost optimization are always top priority, ensuring their mission-critical business operations are supported on an ongoing basis.  

To download “How to Succeed with Fleet Electrification,” click here.

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