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Conventional Hybrid Electric Vehicles

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EV Standards & EV Technology (EV Obsession Video)

To kick of the presentations at the 1st annual EV Transportation & Technology Summit, Doug Kettles provided an introductory presentation (“EV 101” is what I’d call it) that covered many aspects of EVs. He discussed different types of EVs (pure EVs vs plug-in hybrid EVs, for example), the basic components of EVs, some of the key […]

December 28th

Chevy Volt Attack Ads — Oy Vey

Via Gas2: The second-generation Chevy Volt is a quantum leap forward from the original. Chevrolet can be justly proud of the engineering and technical achievements that make the car lighter and more responsive while giving it more range. It even managed to cut the price $1,000 in the process. But instead of trumpeting all the good […]

October 3rd

Skeleton Technologies + Adgero Develop First Kinetic Energy Recovery System For Freight Trucks

The world’s first commercial Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) for road freight trucks/vehicles was recently unveiled by Skeleton Technologies and Adgero. The new system can reportedly reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 15–25% — depending upon traffic circumstances and terrain. The new Adgero Hybrid System is composed of a bank of high-power ultracapacitors coordinated […]

September 16th

Electric Vehicle Revolution Scenarios

Via CleanTechnica: By Mike Barnard A tipping point has been reached in the last two years for electric cars. Almost half of all fully or partially electric vehicles sold in the past decade were sold in 2014. In addition to the standard-bearing Tesla, every car manufacturer in the world has fully or partially electric cars […]

September 6th

What Is An Electric Vehicle?

An electric vehicle is a vehicle that includes an electric motor. Okay, this article is done…. In all seriousness, there’s a lot of confusion regarding electric vehicle terminology. Furthermore, much of the public still isn’t aware of what an electric car is, and I think there’s some value in breaking down the various types of […]

May 31st

10 Best Hybrid Cars

I’m working on a couple of pieces outside the news cycle this weekend — “Best Hybrid Cars” and “Best Electric Cars.” The pieces are ones that I’ve considered for a long time, but generally felt hesitant/unequipped to write, but I’m taking a plunge now. Unfortunately, I have not yet driven all hybrid cars on the market, and […]

May 29th

Cleantech Talk #12: Why Teenagers Love Electric Cars, Electric Car Early Adopters, Edmunds Research Controversy, & Tesla Autopilot From Bosch

In this week’s second episode of Cleantech Talk, Chris DeMorro and I kick off the show by talking about an Edmunds study released on Earth Day that illogically bunched plug-in electric cars with conventional hybrids (and bashed them). I get a little worked up. We also talk about why electric cars are great first cars […]

April 30th

Tesla 70D, Tesla Pricing Controversy, Cadillac CEO Defends Electric Lineup, & 2016 Chevy Malibu Hybrid (Cleantech Talk #9)

First of all, if you missed last week’s Cleantech Talk episode, I’m sure it’s one you don’t want to miss — be sure to listen to Chris and I interview Tesla Cofounder and Wrightspeed Founder & CEO Ian Wright. This week’s Cleantech Talk podcast was an especially interesting one, imho. The first story Chris DeMorro and I discussed […]

April 13th

Electric Car Sales Growing Much Faster Than Hybrid Sales Did (Chart)

The World Resources Institute just came out with an excellent new report, Seeing is Believing, that highlights the fact that combating global warming and pollution can also creating economic benefits (beyond the health, life, and quality of life benefits that come from doing so). Seeing is Believing focuses on electricity generation, transportation, and other matters. I already […]

October 15th