BMW i Flexible Mobility Program Is A Bust In The US

Despite BMW’s widespread advertisement of the program, the German company’s “i Flexible Mobility” plan really appears to be quite the bust in the US, not living up to the expectations of the vast majority of people who’ve used it — based on conversations that I’ve had with people who’ve used it, and the general tone of internet conversation on the matter.

The primary issues with the US program are that most car dealerships are declining to participate in the program. And while there are a few of the dealers that do opt to participate, many of those that do aren’t even offering loaner cars that are permitted to be used over distances of more than 100 miles.

BMW i3

Considering that the program was intended to be a way of getting customers who would have otherwise thought that the single-charge range of the BMW i3 was too limited, the fact that the program is such a bust seems likely to leave a number of people at least a bit angry at BMW.

Here are some comments on the subject that I saw on the BMW i Forum:

josemd01” commented:

What a joke. I leased an I3 a year ago and today I called Pacific BMW in Glendale to attempt to get a lender through this program because I needed to travel to a medical conference over the weekend. They told me they can do me a favor and do it however I could not travel more than 100 miles. So let’s understand this logic. My i3 has a listed range of 80-100 (real world around 65). The lender limit is 100 miles. What a brilliant program. I hate the hypocrisy about the whole thing. Don’t promise something you can’t fulfill when I’m leasing the vehicle. I’ve been a long time BMW customer but this has really got me thinking of jumping ship when my lease ends.

I wonder how common this sentiment is amongst those that have tried to use the program? I’d love to get any comments on this from those reading this that have used, or tried to use, the i Flexible Mobility plan.

“esdavid25” was pretty blunt as well:

Just a little update on my Flexible Mobility Program journey! IMHO BMW should just simply stop advertising this program as it does not work! nobody seems to participate. Worse is most dealers do not even know or familiar about the program. Even BMW i concierge could not give accurate information as to who participates. I was told Santa Monica BMW and Southbay BMW here in Los Angeles are on board. But alas, when i called them first they do not really understand what i was talking about then when they talked to i guess their managers I was told that they do not participate. There was supposed to be an update about the program several weeks ago but still looks like no dealer wants to jump in on this program so BMW should just cut the crap and stop advertising that they have this program as they do not!!! BMW just pissing off used-to-be happy i3 owners when they try to avail the non-existent program!

it was an unbelievable experience for me so far that BMW i concierge could not even communicate well with their dealers here in Los Angeles area about the program. i give the i3 car itself 10 but customer service zero!!!


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