BMW i Flexible Mobility Program Gets Upgraded

BMW’s rather under-the-radar (of most people anyways) “i Flexible Mobility” program has gotten an update, according to recent reports. The program as it now stands encompasses two basic options: direct access to an “i Flexible Mobility” BMW loaner car for occasional use; or, an exclusive Flexible Mobility program discount on rental cars from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and/or National Car Rental.

For those unfamiliar with the program — owing to the somewhat “limited” range of the BMW i3 (and possibly future all-electric vehicles from the company), the company came up with “i Flexible Mobility” as a means of making the model more attractive to buyers. The i3 is of course well suited to most people’s daily usage patterns, but occasional long-distance trips are probably out of the question if one wants to make good time. That’s where the program comes in — when i3 owners want to make long-distance trips, all they have to do is arrange with the local BMW i Center to pick up a conventional loaner for the trip.

BMW i3

Here’s an overview of the two options available to i3 owners:

Option 1 : BMW i Flexible Mobility Program Outline

  • BMW i’s Flexible Mobility program offers the complimentary use of a conventionally fueled
  • BMW vehicle from your BMW i Center for several days each calendar year.
  • Recommended a minimum of 7 days of advance notice are required*.
  • A maximum of 14 days of Flexible Mobility loan is available throughout the entire calendar year*.
  • Program available to all BMW i3 customers, regardless of where they purchased their vehicle*.
    *(Details are at a BMW i Center’s discretion.)

Option 2: Flexible Mobility Rental Car Discount Program

  • BMW i customers have year-round access to an exclusive Flexible Mobility program discount on rental cars from Enterprise Rent-A-Car (discount of 5% or more), including BMW vehicle rentals in certain markets, and from National Car Rental (up to 20% discount).
  • Please note: The cost of the rental car option is a customer expense. Exclusive rental car discounts only available to BMW i customers as a benefit of ownership.

Those interested in making use of this discount service (who have bought an i3) are directed to go here, to login, and to select “Ultimate Benefits.”

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