Our Driving Habits Must Be Part of the Climate Conversation

Article courtesy of RMI.  By Brian Yudkin, Duncan Kay, Jane Marsh, & Jackson Tomchek  As the United States grapples with meaningful action on climate change, much emphasis has been placed on the transportation sector, and with good reason. […]

Cutting Carbon While Keeping the Lights On, RMI Shows Opportunities to Lower Costs & Reduce Emissions in the US Power System

RMI has released two reports showing practical, cost-effective, near-term steps to rapidly decarbonize America’s electricity sector while maintaining reliability Boulder, CO – March 10, 2021 The US power system will need to transition rapidly over the next […]

Cost-Effectively Transitioning Fleets to EVs without Disrupting Operations

By Lynn Daniels  As fleets purchase more electric vehicles, the most important factor for fleet managers is that the transition to EVs cannot disrupt current operations, as our recent report Steep Climb Ahead found. Given this constraint, as fleet […]

Mission Possible: Climate-Action Partnership Launched to Help Transform Heavy Industry & Transport

Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is part of new coalition of climate leaders focused on supercharging efforts to decarbonize some of the world’s highest-emitting industries in the next 10 years. Geneva, Switzerland, January 27, 2020 – The Mission […]

A Year at Sea: The Poseidon Principles and the Possibilities of Sectoral Decarbonization

It’s the moment climate finance professionals live for: when an idea—an initiative—is turned into real-world action by real-world actors. A year after the Poseidon Principles were signed, 15 banking signatories have today disclosed their ship loan portfolios’ climate alignment scores for 2019. By Shravan Bhat & […]