3 Tesla Autopilot Videos Released By Company

Originally published on CleanTechnica.

There are many videos on the interwebs showcasing the amazing autopilot features in the Model S — some which shed light on the great features and nuances of it and some which reveal that Tesla has truly redefined what it means to be a backseat driver.

Building on the initial success and learnings from version 1 of autopilot, Tesla has already announced a follow-up version that offers even more features as well as a few safety items in response to the backseat drivers, currently expected to arrive with firmware v7.1.

Supporting these efforts, Tesla just released a trio of 15-second autopilot videos (came our way via InsideEVs) out on its Tesla Motors YouTube channel. They show off — in official, commercial video not shot by some guy with a selfie stick on the freeway — these new features and make them look sexy and polished. Okay, the sexy part may be just me leaning in too far but I’m really excited that this type of tech is out there and happening… today (in my lifetime!).  I even have hopes that it will eventually be affordable for average-income (and lower-than-average-income) households.

Finally, it’s encouraging that they are advertising the autopilot suite of solutions and releasing them as specific versions. This speaks to their deep roots in software and, more importantly, to features and improvements to come.


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