Rimac Concept_One Races Porsche 918, Does 1/4-Mile In 9.9 Seconds

Following a number of races with high-profile supercars, the Rimac Concept_One recently got the opportunity to go up against the Porsche 918 plug-in hybrid — the #1 production car to 60 mph in the history of the world — on a 1/4-mile Milan Dragway in Detroit.

To be more specific, the Porsche 918 in question is an acid-green version of the supercar owned by Alejandro Salomon of the Salomondrin YouTube channel.

The results of the race were pretty interesting, to say the least — on a total of around a half-dozen runs, the Porsche 918 only managed to edge the Rimac Concept_One once. And that Porsche 918 run time was bested “at least” 3 different times by Rimac’s car, the top time being the 9.9 second (1/4 mile) run mentioned in the title of the article. So, things were not as close as you might suspect, considering it was the Porsche 918 that the Rimac was racing.

Autoblog provides some background: “A short-notice showdown was to take place when the lightning-quick electric coupe traveled to California for Monterey Car Week, but finding a safe, legal stretch of tarmac proved impossible. So, with the next stop on this Concept_One’s itinerary being Detroit for official certification, a head-to-head matchup was arranged at a 1/4-mile Milan Dragway there.”

Continuing: “The contest was filmed for a special episode of the Bangin’ Gears video series, and we”ll get to the results in a minute, but for our money — $1.99 to watch the full NSFW version now, instead of waiting for three censored installments over the next few weeks — the footage featuring company founder Mate Rimac demonstrating the incredible performance and flexibility of the trick high-tech drivetrain, with its 1,088 horsepower and two-speed, dual-clutch gearboxes, was just as enjoyable as watching this battery-powered monster do its thing on a properly-prepared dragstrip for the first time.”

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