Zero Motorcycles Unveiling 2016 Lineup At American International Motorcycle Expo

Zero MotorcyclesOne of the top electric motorcycle companies in the world, Zero Motorcycles, has revealed that it will be unveiling its 2016 lineup at the upcoming American International Motorcycle Expo. That event is set for October 15–18 in Orlando, Florida.

The company will be giving an exclusive media presentation at the expo on Thursday, October 15th, at 2:30 pm, according to reports.

“In addition to great features, we have some new things in store that are the direct result of customer feedback,” stated Scot Harden, Zero Motorcycles VP of Global Marketing. “After a record year in 2015, there is no doubt that we will bring many new riders on board in 2016.”

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17 thoughts on “Zero Motorcycles Unveiling 2016 Lineup At American International Motorcycle Expo

  1. Unfortunately, most electric bikes under $40K are lacking in motor performance compared to gas bikes that cost as little as $8K. What I’m after is under 400lb, 150 horsepower, range of 150 miles under $10K. With 150lb rider, that’s 3.7 lb/hp, something not even ludicrous Tesla P90D can touch.

      1. If you’ve done Japanese bikes, it’s scary first few times, then you get used to it. Trust me, 0-60 in 3.3 sec is too slow for most people. Those on geriatric bikes (aka, Harley) don’t count as I consider Harleys to be extension of old folks’ walkers and scooters, not motorcycles.

          1. That list is far from being comprehensive. I don’t know what it represents. For example, 1986 FJ1200 nor Bandit1200 are not listed. It does gives you an idea where Zero fits in 0-60; about 1990 Honda Hurricane 600cc. But it falls far below 2000’s 600cc class. And quarter miles? Fughetabahtit!

            Also, gas bikes can easily change sprockets to “tune” for quicker acceleration. The most fun you’ll have with your life flash before your eyes is if you ride late 1980’s GSXR with larger rear sprocket. Every time you have to leave from stop, the bike will literally try to flip over!

          2. 1/4 mile isn’t as important. For street bike, 0-60 is more important along with braking and handling. As for electric dragsters, it’s just matter of time before ALL dragsters become electric. EV are just way too easy to make it go fast for short distance.

          3. They sure put a smile on faces. All those gobs of instant torque and throttle response. And no noise and vibration. Thrilling if you want. Calm if you need it.

      1. Yeah, that’s what I meant. I wish they can bring the price down too $10K level. For now, though, there are gas bikes that meet my spec, although how to take dogs with me is a problem.

        1. You can’t even get a “regular” super bike with anywhere near that performance for that price. They all are closer to 20k, even more. Is there any super bike with a higher top speed than a Lightning?

          1. FZ1 and Bandit are examples that cost under $10K with 0-60 times in mid/upper 2 range. Even most 600cc that are quicker than Zero are around $10K range.

            Top speed is different story. You can’t ride 100mph in normal roads. For track, Lightening still hasn’t proved itself, although I would definitely would want to volunteer πŸ™‚ It would be interesting to see RR gas bikes against Lightening at track, although RR gas bikes tend to cost more.

          2. Article is confusing. Lightening time of 1:35 is slower than CBR600RR. ” In the Pro Sport Bike race shortly later the winner was Jordan Szoke with a best lap time of 1:23.331 riding a Honda CBR600RR, and the slowest best lap time was by Matthew Leahey, 1:35.974, also with a Honda CBR600RR.”

            It seems Lightening only won against other electric bikes, but slower than 600cc class bike. If true, Lightening would be much slower in supersport or open class. Too bad I don’t have the money to test that theory… πŸ˜‰

          3. Yes. That bike was not as good as the one they have today. The handling wasn’t as good. I remember there was a famous race competition with another bike that did better in turns at the time. There are some yutube videos.

  2. I hope it’s something more than just heated grips… They desperately need a cowling to reduce drag (and increase range), and a charger that doesn’t suck. The regen circuit in the controller already exists and it wouldn’t take much to integrate a J1772 plug into it, saving weight and space to make room for moar LiFePO, while eliminating the current totally suck discreet charger.

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