Zero Motorcycles’ New 2017 Lineup Features 1st All-Electric Motorcycle To Possess 200+ Miles Of Range

Zero Motorcycles already offered some very impressive all-electric bikes, but the new 2017 lineup really takes thing to another place, going by what’s revealed in a new press release.


The lineup features, amongst other things, the first production all-electric motorcycle to possess a single-charge range of more than 200 miles, upgraded powertrains with more torque, and an impressive 5-year, unlimited mile battery pack warranty.

With regard to the upgraded powertrain, the firm’s proprietary Z-Force powertrain has been improved through the use of “interior permanent magnet (IPM) motors with increased temperature thresholds and higher amperage motor controllers.”

When taken together, these improvements allow for greater acceleration “throughout the rev range and up to 116 ft-lb of instant torque on Zero SR and Zero DSR models — more than any gasoline-burning production 1,000cc sport bike.”

As compared to earlier model years, Zero Motorcycles’ 2017 lineup provides up to 19% more torque, and up to 11% more power.

The press release provides more: “The new Zero S ZF6.5 street bike and Zero DS ZF6.5 dual sport are ideal for navigating dense urban areas. These economical models feature a compact battery that sheds 95 pounds, offering more nimble handling and additional space for convenient, locking storage. For those seeking longer range, the Zero S and Zero SR ZF13.0 models equipped with the optional Power Tank accessory now exceed 100 miles on the highway and 200 miles in the city (based on standardized SAE J2982 riding range testing), the longest range of any production electric motorcycle.”

Continuing: “Zero’s Z-Force power packs are the most energy and power dense in the EV industry. For 2017, they feature more powerful processors and new engineering innovations in battery architecture that simplify cell interconnectivity, making the batteries even more robust and reliable. The advanced lithium-ion power packs are maintenance free, designed to exceed the life of the motorcycle, and are now backed by a 5-year, unlimited mileage warranty.”

Notably, the new lineup also features improved paint jobs, as the company has shifted from its earlier use of molded-in color body panels to a “new high-quality paint application process.”

The new lineup also features the ability to remotely update its motorcycle’s firmware though a free mobile app — potentially saving time for those that may otherwise have to head to a dealership for updates. The free app also allows for some degree of customization with regard to performance.

Dealerships in the US should begin receiving 2017 models sometime this month, if they haven’t already. Prices range from $8,495 to $15,995 depending on the model. These prices are before the 10% federal tax credit is taken into account, or any state incentives, it should be kept in mind.

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