Volvo Cars Unveils 2 New Concept Cars Showing Off New Compact Modular Architecture

Volvo Cars recently unveiled two new 40 Series concept cars based around the company’s new Compact Modular Architecture platform — giving us our first semi-real look at where the company is headed in the coming years with regard to the premium small-car market.

Volvo’s plans call for the vehicles built around the Compact Modular Architecture platform to be offered for sale as either all-electrics (EVs) or twin-engine plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs), in addition to conventional variants.

Volvo cars concept

The company has previously revealed its plans to electrify its full range of offerings (this would include conventional hybrids as well as EVs and PHEVs). The first new 40 Series model is expected to go into production in 2017, reportedly.

A new press release provides more:

Volvo Cars’ small car strategy is an essential element in its ongoing global operational and financial transformation. The Swedish company is currently implementing an ambitious revitalization plan that will reposition the brand to compete with its global premium competitors within the next four years.

On top of their daring exterior design and electrified powertrain options, the new cars will also offer a full range of innovative connectivity services, plus the world’s most advanced standard package of safety features and ground breaking Scandinavian interior design.

“By taking a modular approach to both vehicle architecture and powertrain development we have succeeded in leap-frogging many of the players in the premium segment,” commented Dr Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President Research & Development. “Our new battery electric powertrain variant opens yet another exciting chapter in the unfolding Volvo Cars story.”

“The new 40 series cars have the potential to improve our market penetration in an important and growing segment,” stated Håkan Samuelsson, president and CEO of Volvo Cars. “An electric powertrain program including both a new compact Twin Engine plug-in hybrid as well as a pure electric car are central to the CMA architecture.”

Here are some more pictures of the concept vehicles:

Volvo cars concept

Volvo cars concept

Volvo cars concept

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  1. very disappointed that Volvo came back to the old S40 shape instead of evolving the super nice V40

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