Volkswagen Unveils Phideon Sedan, PHEV Version Planned

Volkswagen recently unveiled a new luxury sedan model, known as the Phideon, ahead of the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show — the first Volkswagen model to feature the Modular Longitudinal Matrix platform.

The new model — slated to enter production later this year (Q3 2016) — is expected to be offered as a plug-in hybrid (PHEV), as well as a gas-powered version. Initial sales and production will be based in China, but expansion plans seem to be in the works as well.

Volkswagen Phideon

The model was reportedly developed in Germany, with assistance from the company’s Chinese partner, SAIC Volkswagen.

Green Car Congress provides more:

Phideon is positioned above the Passat and the Magotan, which is available in China. Volkswagen’s design team derived the Phideon almost directly from the C Coupé GTE concept car, which was presented at Auto Shanghai in 2015, with only minor changes.

…Its name — Phideon — is a construct standing for elegance and reliability, and phonetically and symbolically evokes Fides, the Roman goddess of fidelity. (Author’s note: I couldn’t help but laugh at this. Is Volkswagen arrogantly trolling with this? Who would associate the brand with fidelity at this point? Why choose this name?)

The top-of-the-range model — the Phideon 3.0 TSI 4MOTION, which comes with four-wheel drive as standard — is powered by a 3.0 liter V6 turbocharged direct injection gasoline engine that produces 220 kW/295 hp. This efficient TSI develops maximum torque of 440 N·m (325 lb-ft). In addition to the planned plug-in hybrid model, the new five-seater will also be available as a 2.0 TSI (with four-cylinder engines) with front-wheel drive.

Other than the above-mentioned specs, the model’s features are about what you’d expect from the company. Nothing that stands out too much. Despite all of the PR of recent months, the company really doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to release new pure-electric cars. I suppose that PHEVs are better than nothing, though…

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