Volkswagen To Present Near-Production-Ready EV Prototype At Paris Motor Show

Herbert DiessVolkswagen will be presenting a near-production-ready electric vehicle prototype at the upcoming Paris Motor Show, according to brand boss Herbert Diess.

The comments by Diess, which were made in an interview with Wirtschafts Woche, also included a note that the model would hit the market in 2019. So … not exactly anytime soon, despite the prototype being “near production ready.”

The new electric vehicle (EV) prototype will reportedly possess external dimensions similar to a VW Golf, the internal space of a Passat, and an all-electric, single-charge range of between 400–600 kilometers (250–375 miles).

Not bad sounding, but why 2019? That’s quite a while from now, and there are some major EV releases occurring before then.

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