Volkswagen Diesel Car Scandal Causing Surge In EV Interest, According To British Car Leasing Company

The recent Volkswagen scandal involving diesel car emissions seems to have caused a surge in electric vehicle interest, according to a UK-based car rental firm.

The surge has been so great, according to, that lead-in times for rentals have increased notably — largely owing to the scandal, but also partly due to simple economics. After all, it’s often a bit cheaper (in the UK, as well as some other places) to operate an electric vehicle (EV) than it is a petrol or diesel car.

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“We’ve seen enquiries for electric cars go through the roof in recent weeks,” stated representative Mark Hall, “Petrol and diesel cars just aren’t getting a look in.”

Interestingly, the surge seems to pertain mostly to pure all-electric vehicles rather than to plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). PHEVs have reportedly remained largely unchanged.

“There seems to be a wave of disgust at Volkwagen over the emissions scandal, and it’s driving customers away from petrol, diesel, and hybrid cars, no matter what the make.”

A recent email sent to EV Obsession provides some of the assumed reasons for the surge in interest:

  • Vehicle prices which compare favourably with petrol and diesel equivalents
  • Electric cars have no emissions, so pay no road tax
  • Running costs are as little as 3p per mile, a quarter of the cost for petrol cars compared with an average of 13p per mile for petrol cars
  • Speed, performance, and range have vastly improved, dispelling the electric car ‘milk float’ image
  • Easily-accessible rapid charging points now available across the UK, with main dealers offering free forecourt charging

“The motor trade was well prepared for increased interest in green driving this year,” stated Hall, “But they’ve been caught out by the spike in orders following the VW scandal.”

“Electric cars are no longer the preserve of the rich minority. They’re now available to anybody who wants a reliable, green, cheap-to-run car. The days of spending £50 per week to fill up your polluting car will soon be over.”

Image Credit: Nissan

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  1. Hurray! I wish gas prices in the US weren’t so stupidly cheap compared to the UK so we could see something along the same lines… Of course we don’t have much diesel so there’s not as much outrage either.

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