Tesla Model 3 Smart Summon

Video: Tesla Model 3 Using Smart Summon In Crazy Louisiana Storms

Watch below as a Tesla Model 3 owner uses Tesla’s Smart Summon to safely keep himself from getting caught up in a crazy Louisiana storm. The owner of the Model 3 was doing the same thing I was when this freak storm decided to unleash its fury on the Albertson parking lot.


It has been a crazy two days here in Louisiana, and for someone who doesn’t have a car, being stuck in a storm isn’t a great feeling. Uber has been having many issues in Baton Rouge — there’s a serious driver shortage. So, I found myself with a choice: try to walk home with groceries and borrow the cart (it’s a 15-minute walk) or wait out the storm. I chose to wait, and literally 2 seconds after I made that choice, all hell broke loose.

I didn’t even notice the red Tesla Model 3 until I saw it moving without the driver. I was already trying to get a video of the lightning (why not?) when I saw the Model 3 using  Tesla’s Smart Summon. I made a fun video on TikTok. (At that point, I’d repeatedly been trying to order an Uber — after having 3 drivers cancel out on me and getting an “Uber is unavailable in your area” message, I finally managed to secure a driver who promised he wouldn’t cancel. And he didn’t.)


These storms have been really intense over the past couple of days. I was without power most of yesterday and hurricane-force winds knocked over shrimp boats on Grand Isle. Yesterday’s storm was called a “baby hurricane” and today’s was just madness.

Watching a Tesla Model 3 owner using Smart Summon in this maddening weather shows just how neat Tesla’s technology truly is. You may not have noticed in the video, but there was also minor flooding along the curb. The water was up to my ankles when I loaded my groceries into my Uber. This is an instance where Smart Summon is truly useful. Tesla owners with FSD who are reading here, do you ever use Smart Summon in situations like this or in other special circumstances where it’s helpful?

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