Video Of Tesla Model X Being Delivered At Mark Templeton’s House

A video from Mark Templeton (the CEO of Citrix) — one of the 6 people to take delivery of a Founders Series Model Xs at the recent launch event — captures his Tesla Model X being delivered to his house. He recently tweeted the video for our viewing pleasure.

The interesting video really shows clearly just how nice the Model X seems to look in “the real world” — everything from the paint job/color, to the doors, to the interior, really looks quite nice. (This color is really appealing to my eyes, in particular.)

For those wanting a good look at the inside, he also posted the pic below (they all certainly seem happy, don’t they?).

Model x interior

Looks quite spacious and comfortable (not that that’s a surprise). Who’s getting even more jealous than before?

(Tip of the hat to “CmdrThor” for bringing the topic to our attention via the Tesla Motors Club forum, and to “scottf200” for posting screen caps.)

Model x

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