UK Electric Car Sales Surged Over 300% In 2014, Leading The Pack In The EU

Electric car sales (including plug-in hybrid electric cars) in the UK surged over 300% in 2014, as compared year-on-year against 2013, according to the most recent figures from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (EAMA).

Those numbers mean that the UK was far-and-away the head of the pack in the European Union (EU), as far as electric vehicle (EV) sales go.

EU EV growth

The specific numbers are every bit as impressive as the above-stated percentage figure — EV sales in the UK rose from “just” 3,833 units in 2013 to 15,361 units in 2014. Huge growth. If we have any luck, perhaps 2015 can continue this trend — considering the current incentives environment there, though, it’s hard to say. 2014 saw the introduction of substantial tax and cash exemptions/incentives. They aren’t going away, but they also won’t be increasing in 2015.

Following rather slowly behind the growth in the UK was German growth — with an increase in electrically chargeable vehicle sales of around 70.2%. 2014 saw 13,118 units sold in the country — up from 7,706 units sold there in 2013. France followed behind in third place, with a 29.8% increase in unit sales.

Altogether, 75,331 new electrically chargeable vehicles were sold in the EU during 2014 — representing an increase of 36.6% over 2013. Outside of the EU (but still in Europe), Norway took the top spot easily — with 19,767 units sold, representing an increase of 140.8% over 2013.

When sales in the EU and the European Free Trade Association (EU + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland) are taken together, total sales rose 50.2% to 97,791 units sold, up from 65,091 units in 2013.

These figures are for cars newly registered — so not sold, per se, but quite similar.

Figures can be found here.

Image Credit: ACEA

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