The VEGAN Electric Self-Charging Solar Tricycle

Introducing: The VEGAN, the World’s First Light Weight Multipurpose Hybrid

Electric Self-Charging, Solar Tricycle 

Why the Vegan?

•    Let’s face it, we all like safety, comfort, performance & affordability; with The VEGAN Tricycle, you have all four in one exciting package.
•    We came up with the lowest weight multipurpose tricycle ever designed; for better performance which has a higher strength threshold & a lower production cost and weight,
•    Is solar panel equipped & self-charges as it moves
•    Emits zero carbon emissions.
•    Operates on either solar power or electricity from the national electricity grid & self-charges.
•    A high-efficiency vehicle with a minimum unit cost of only $1400 to produce—the price of an average mountain bike — once we reach our funding goal.
•    120 km range per charge, with swappable battery, doubling the range to 240 km
•    Total weight without extra battery, only 120 km.
•    Payload 300 kg.
•    Stylish Looks & Aerodynamic Shape
•    Built-in GPS Tracking System
•    Internal 12V outlet for Bluetooth speakers & charging phones.
•    Easier to drive due to its dual front tires.
•    No need for licenses or registration in most municipalities.
•    High-end safety features.
•    Comfortable, Safe, Affordable & Fast

  Max Speed   70 km/h
  Range   90-95 Km per charge without self-   charging or solar power assist, “with” the range is 120 km+
  Motor   1000 Watt (Bush-less Hub Motor)/ Also   500 Watt Pedal Assist Version Coming   Soon
  Passenger Capacity   3 or 4 (Depending on Size)
  Charging Source   National Electricty Grid, Solar Panel &   Self-Charging
  Use   Passengers or Cargo
  Total Weight   Only 175 kg
  Payload   320+ kg
  Charging Time   From Electrical Grid 4.4 hrs. – From Solar Panel 10.2 hrs.
  Battery   48 Volts, 22 Ah
  Solar Panel   120 Watts

Canadian startup launches INDIEGOGO funding:

Who We Are

We are an honest bunch of visionaries; a mechatronics engineer & two vocational technicians & an educator, who are completely transparent in that we only have the completed conceptual designs so far. We have been working on tricycles for years & specialize in the fields of mechatronics, fiberglass & aluminum fabrication. We just need to build a few functioning prototypes to show the world what a game changer this will be.

All manufacturing will take place in Pakistan where raw materials are of the highest quality & very affordable, and select workmanship is more than excellent.

We designed the VEGAN Hybrid Electric Self-Charging Solar Tricycle to be a game-changer, and that it is.

We Know its Ridiculously Cheap & There Probably Are Some Skeptics — We break it down for you below

The cost of our first prototype is as follows:

               Part Name                     Cost                    Source
1   Frame   Structure    85.00 USD    Fabricated in Workshop
2 Go-kart steering    38.35 USD    Import
3   Tires    60.80 USD    Purchased from Local Market
4   Seats    75.70 USD    Purchase form Local Market
5   Front     Suspension    2 x 21.73 = 43.46 USD    Purchased from Local Market
6  Rear     Suspension    24.80 USD    Purchased rorm Local Market
7   Fasteners    15.50 USD    Purchased from Local Market
8   Brakes  

Front & Back  40.50 USD


Purchased from Local Market
9   Our Own Gear   Transmission   Hub


   15.77 USD  Purchased from Local Market & Modified
10    BLDC Motor  

175.28 USD


   Purchased from Local Market
11    Battery    AGM = 62.08 USD    Purchased from Local Market
12    Solar panel    35.28 USD    Purchased from Local Market
13    Seats    Passengers seats with       complete assembly = 53.39   USD     Purchased from Local Market
14    Alternator   50.85 USD    Purchased from Local Market
15    Flooring   PVC, Stainless Sheet &     Cover = 49.66    Purchased from Local Market
16  Boxes/Storage   Units    2 x 12.41 = 24.83 USD     Fabricated in Workshop
17    Lights    17.69 USD    Purchased from Local Market
18    Bearing &  bearing housing    27.94 USD    Purchased from Local Market
19    Windshield & Rear Screen    439.11 USD (First time  design cost)    Fabricated
20    Interior    76.05 USD    Partly Fabricated & Purchased   from Local Market
21    Door Windows    490.04 USD (First time     design cost)   Fabricated in Workshop
22    Body Mold &   Die    1331.62  USD    Fabricated in Workshop
23  Rims, wipers &  Mirrors    99 + 20 + 41 = 160 USD    Purchased from International   Market


  3,393.70 USD  Bulk Cost Goes towards First   Time Fabrication Costs


Solar Panel

The cost to build subsequent models is as follows:

              Part Name                    Cost                     Source
1   Frame   Structure   75.00 USD   Fabricate in Workshop
2 Go-kart steering    38.35 USD   Purchased from Local Market
3   Tires    60.80 USD   Purchase from Local Market
4   Seats    75.70 USD   Purchase from Local Market
5   Front   Suspension    2 x 21.73 = 43.46 USD   Purchase from Local Market
6   Rear   Suspension   24.80 USD   Purchase from Local Market
7   Fasteners   15.50 USD   Purchase from Local Market
8   Brakes  

Front & Back 40.50 USD


Purchased from Local Market

Our Own Gear   Transmission Hub


   15.77 USD   Purchased from Local Market &  Modified
10   BLDC Motor  

175.28 USD


  1. Purchased form Local Market
  2. Import
11   Battery    AGM = 62.08 USD
  1. Online Shop
  2. Local Market
  3. Import
12   Solar panel    35.28 USD
  1. Online Shop
  2. Purchased form Local Market
13   Seats   Passengers seats with   complete assembly= 53.39   USD    Fabricated in Workshop
14   Alternator     114.85 USD
  1. Purchased form Local Market
15   Flooring   PVC,  Stainless sheet +   cover = 49.66 USD    Purchased form Local Market
16  Boxes/Storage   Units   2 x 12.41 = 24.83 USD    Fabricated in Workshop
17   Lights   17.69 USD    Purchased form Local Market
18   Bearing & bearing housing   23.76USD    Purchased form Local Market
19    Windshield & Rear Sreen  

90.11 USD (After  Fabrication  & Design)

20   Interior   76.05 USD    Purchased form Local Market
21   Door Windows   130.04 USD (After   Fabrication & Design)    Fabricated in Workshop
22   Body & Die   93.12 USD (without  Mold / Die)    Fabricated in Workshop

Rims, Wipers   & Mirrors


99 + 20 + 41 = 160 USD


Purchased from International Market
  Grand Total   1,415.02 USD   Lesser Cost After First Time   Fabrication Costs

Our Immediate Goal – Stage 1.0

Build Our First Working Prototype for $3,393.70

Our Second Immediate Goal – Stage 1.1

To build the VEGAN Tricycle for just $1400 after the one time cost of fabricating the windows, and the molding & diecast of the fiberglass body

Our Stretch Goal – Stage 1.2

All the other parts are readily available on the international market

To produce 50 VEGAN Tricycles at a cost of $45,000 by getting the price down even further, to $900, as low as it can get, and continue to keep the Vegan tricycle, the worlds best value tricycle, selling at only USD$3,500, outside of Indiegogo.

We will also invest in more R&D & improving future models, such as adding the option of having an AC, etc. We are not opting for this the first time around as we are specifically concentrating on range, weight & battery life as well as price, in order to break all records.

Battery Specs

  • Battery Capacity = 88AH
  • Battery Type = AGM
  • Battery Type = Lithium Battery
  • Charger Capacity = 22amp
  • Charging Time of 100% of the battery on the charger is = 4.4 hrs
  • Charging Time of solar panel only is = 10 Hrs
  • The batteries used in the vehicle are rechargeable VRLA batteries (valve-regulated lead-acid batteries). They are also known as gel sealed batteries or maintenance-free batteries.

Frame & Body

  • Weight of fiberglass body = 22 kg approximately
  • Thickness = 5mm
  • Warranty = 4 years
  • Weight of frame/chassis = 30 kg approxiamtely
  • Warranty = 2 years


The frame — is our secret weapon to be shared with the world — as it is extremely sturdy, light & durable made from (Al 6061-T6) aluminum & is very reasonably priced throughout Asia, where we will be manufacturing.

Risks & Challenges


  1. If we do not reach our funding goal, or at least USD$4,747; USD$ 2,747 for parts & USD$2,000 for logistics, then we will not be able to produce our first prototype & if we do not reach our final goal then we will not be able to produce all 5 subsequent prototypes at a cost of only $1,400 each.


  1.  Keeping the price down, as lesser value & quality competitors already sell for over double the price for USD$4000. If we control sales, we promise not to cave into corporate greed & will keep the basic model version of The VEGAN Tricycle at a maximum price of $3500, for one year, after this crowdfunding campaign.

So Help Bring the Vegan Hybrid Electric, Self-Charging Solar Tricycle to the World, NOW!

If anyone has any questions, they can reach us at:

Looking for more information? Check the project FAQ

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For more information here: The VEGAN Electric Self-Charging Solar Tricycle

The Worlds 1st Lightweight Multipurpose Hybrid Electric-Self-Charging Solar Tricycle

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