The New Force Single Model Fastest 10000 Xiaopeng P7

  • The 10,000th was taken off-line at Xiaopeng Auto’s self-built Zhaoqing Smart Factory in less than 160 days, setting the record for the fastest off-line of all single models in the new force at this stage.
  • The 10000th off-line Xiaopeng P7 prospective car owners witnessed the scene of the total assembly of the car off-line, He Xiaopeng stressed: 10000 numbers behind not only 10,000 customers, but also they gave Xiaopeng P7 the 10,000th trust. Pengyou 7 people to treat, Xiaopeng not to live up to expectations, only high-quality high-intelligence products can give back to Pengyou.

October 20, 2020 – This morning, in Zhaoqing Xiaopeng Automotive Intelligent Network Link Technology Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as “Xiaopeng Automobile Zhaoqing Smart Factory”) in Dawang High-tech District of Zhaoqing City, Xiaopeng Automobile ushered in a historic moment: after 5 months, the 10,000th Xiaopeng P7 officially launched, this time, also created the current stage of the new force of all single models of the fastest off-line record.

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As a typical representative of Zhaoqing local high-tech enterprises, Xiaopeng Automobile Zhaoqing Intelligent Factory this feat of completion, by Zhaoqing Municipal Committee, the municipal government’s close attention. Zhaoqing City Deputy Party Secretary, Mayor Lu Yuin, Zhaoqing City Deputy Mayor, High-energy District Party Secretary Chen Jiatian and other local government representatives came to congratulate, Xiaopeng Automobile co-founder, chairman and CEO He Xiaopeng, Xiaopeng Automobile co-founder and president Xia Wei and other Xiaopeng auto executives, together with some factory employees, also came to Xiaopeng P70,000 vehicles off-line activities to witness this important moment.

The 10000th Xiaopeng P7 offline activities in front of the main building of the big photo.

Xiaopeng P7 innovation force the fastest 10,000 off-line record Xiaopeng auto independent production system shows real strength.

As Xiaopeng P7’s only production and manufacturing base, but also Xiaopeng Automobile’s first self-built intelligent factory, Zhaoqing intelligent factory since the date of the foundation has attracted much attention, especially on April 27 this year, Xiaopeng P7 through the online live form of the launch, Zhaoqing smart factory is carrying the full expectations of car owners, as well as industry observers of the car manufacturing process everywhere harsh vision.

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It is reported that the intelligent factory, which was born on a fish pond, was built in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards at the beginning of construction. Basic production, with stamping, welding, coating, assembly, pack five workshops constitute a complete vehicle production line, in quality management, not only to achieve information visual control, but also with a comprehensive and advanced testing process, in production to ensure that each Xiaopeng P7 is one of the 10,000 vehicles. From the first Xiaopeng P7 in May this year, to the 10000th Xiaopeng P7 officially offline, it took less than 160 days, this time, but also created a new force of new forces in the single model of the fastest off-line record.

Facing this perfect answer handed over by Xiaopeng Automobile Zhaoqing Smart Factory, He Xiaopeng could not hide his excitement. In his speech at the scene, he first talked about the “three thanks” – support and help from the Zhaoqing Municipal Government, the hard work and persistence of employees from Xiaopeng Automobile Factory, and the love and trust of car owners from Xiaopeng. He said: “From the first to the 10000th vehicle, Xiaopeng P7 with the industry’s fastest speed, the shortest time to walk down the production line, which not only represents our self-built Xiaopeng car Zhaoqing intelligent factory, already has the quality assurance premise to meet the demand for production capacity, into the stage of efficient operation, but also shows that Xiaopeng P7 as the flagship of intelligent car product strength, is recognized and welcomed by consumers in the market.” ”

The 10000th Xiaopeng car P7 was officially launched.

In his view, this record 10,000 off-line answer is worthy of joy, but also to Xiaopeng car on the road of intelligent intelligence on the follow-up incentive.

The 10000th scheduled car owner surprised to appear Xiaopeng gift remember not to lose trust.

The 10,000th Xiaopeng P7 from the assembly line out of the link, for this year gradually strengthen the owner’s word-of-mouth effect of Xiaopeng car, is unique.

The landmark Xiaopeng P7 slowly pulled off the assembly line, while its intended owner, Ms. Deng and her husband, from Shenzhen, who works in consumer electronics industry design, were invited to the event to witness the 10,000th Xiaopeng P7 coming offline. She never expected to have her first intimate contact with a scheduled car in such a way.

She says she and her husband are passionate about technology products and recognize the intelligence and design of the Xiaopeng P7. She said, “It’s so cool to see a real car assembled from so many parts today!” It’s completely different from watching a car in a 4S store, and my friends say it’s like going into a maternity room and seeing for myself how the baby was born with confidence. Ms. Deng said she was excited to see her car produced, knowing that there were still some processes to go and that it would take some time to actually deliver it to her.

He Xiaopeng believes that the figure of 10000 is not only 10,000 customers, but also the 10000th trust they have given Xiaopeng P7, Pengyou meet, but also should be honest.

 Although there is still some time to wait for the real delivery, Ms. Deng, the owner of the 10,000th Xiaopeng P7, is still very excited.

In addition, He Xiaopeng said, in the 10,000th Xiaopeng P7 will be equipped with a specially designed “P7 10000” unique logo, he said: “In the face of these 10,000 trust, Xiaopeng car only with high-quality high-intelligence products can give back to Pengyou.” We still demand ourselves to a high standard, continue to power up, as soon as possible to witness the 20,000th, 50,000th, 100,000th Xiaopeng P7 offline. ”

He Xiaopeng expects that the next 10,000 vehicles will be the same as Ms. Deng’s 10,000th Xiaopeng P7, with a significantly designed logo at the rear of the vehicle – a special thank you to the lucky owners and a memory of the trust from every 10,000 Pengyou.

Images courtesy of XPeng, Xiaopeng car.

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