The Innovative Nature of the Renault MORPHOZ Concept-Car

  • The 3rd edition of the Automobile Awards recognized the innovative nature of the Renault MORPHOZ concept-car.
  • Symbolizing the future of Renault’s electric mobility, MORPHOZ is the result of an in-depth study of modularity and versatility of use.
  • MORPHOZ prefigures a new family of Renault electric models confirmed by the Mégane eVision showcar presented at the end of 2020.

Futuristic in its design and modularity, Renault MORPHOZ wins the concept-car of the Year award at the third edition of the Automobile Awards. Thanks to its modular platform, this electric concept car is capable of offering power, autonomy and habitability for every moment of life. Renault MORPHOZ adapts in real time with its extendible bodywork, enabling it to be adapted in real time, giving it a compact size daily and, for longer distances, improving interior space and freeing up space for additional batteries.

Two concept-cars in one

MORPHOZ wins the 2020 concept-car of the Year award, which recognizes the most innovative concept-car of the year distinguishing itself from its competitors thanks to its innovative design offering unprecedented modularity.

MORPHOZ’s design mixes sedan, SUV and coupé attributes. The electric power of its engine is highlighted by numerous exterior details. This unique concept-car comes in two sizes: 4.40 m in the City version and 4.80 m in the Travel version. MORPHOZ thus adapts to all the desires and uses of its users. 100% electric, MORPHOZ is rechargeable by induction, even while driving. It is connected and equipped with level 3 autonomous driving functions.

Like the bodywork, the passenger compartment adapts to the needs of the driver and passengers by transforming itself. The yellow colour warms the interior and its tilting seats make it easy to talk with other passengers. An exploratory concept car, MORPHOZ represents the future new family of electric models in the Renault range that will arrive in 2021.

Concept-car of the Year at the Automobile Awards

For this 3rd edition of the Automobile Awards, the deliberations of the members of the jury composed of French personalities from the world of the automobile took place from October 5 to November 5. Renault also won the second prize for Advertisement of the Year with the English TV spot directing up 30 years of life in Clio.

François Leboine, Director of concept-cars, received the award from Jonathan Tuchbant, Managing Director of Club Identicar:

Bold in its modularity, innovative in its design, centered on the human being through its ability to facilitate sharing and exchanges, the MORPHOZ concept perfectly embodies Renault’s DNA. It prefigures a new generation of electric vehicles and the desire to offer a new travel experience for all vehicle users. I am pleased that MORPHOZ has found an echo in the jury’s imagination and I would like to thank the Automobile Awards for awarding us this prize.

Image courtesy of Renault

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