Tesla Will Possibly Lose Ability To Sell Directly To Customers In Missouri, Following Judge Ruling

Missouri flagTesla will possibly lose the ability to sell its vehicles directly to customers in the state of Missouri following a recent ruling by a local judge. The ruling states that the company will not be able to sell in the state outside of independent franchise dealerships.

The ruling claims that the earlier decision (in 2014) by the Missouri Revenue Department to give Tesla a franchise dealer license to operate its Kansas City storefront was in violation of laws stating that “a single entity may not manufacture vehicles for sale in Missouri and possess a Missouri new motor vehicle dealer license.”

The ruling was made by Cole County Judge Daniel Green.

Teslarati continues: “Because Tesla has already been granted a license from the past to sell within the state, the new ruling does not seek to revoke these, rather, it seeks action from the revenue department to discontinue the renewal of existing licenses and prevent new licenses to be issued to Tesla.”

A spokesperson for Tesla by the name of Will Nicholas noted that there would be an appeal: “Tesla will take all appropriate steps in the courts to ensure that Missouri consumers continue to have the right to choose how they purchase their vehicles.”

The ruling follows from an earlier lawsuit against the state department (in relation to Tesla’s operations) filed by the Missouri Automobile Dealers Association back in 2015, with the intent of disallowing direct sales. At the time the dealers association argued that “manufacturers do not sell cars themselves, but do so through a network of licensed dealers. This structure of separate roles for manufacturers and dealers is established by statute and reflects wise public policy.”

“Wise public policy,” huh? That sort of doublespeak is much of what gives people such a bad taste when it comes to car dealers. Who wants to have someone lie to their face and rip them off, while claiming that it’s for the general good. But if you want to buy a new car that’s often simply what you have to put up with, which is exactly why Tesla’s no-hassle approach is such a breath of fresh air — everything is more or less above board and clear.

If the ruling isn’t successfully appealed, then Missouri will likely join the ranks of Texas, Utah, Michigan, Arizona, West Virginia, and Connecticut with regard to the banning of direct sales.

7 thoughts on “Tesla Will Possibly Lose Ability To Sell Directly To Customers In Missouri, Following Judge Ruling

  1. Why…just why…is the U.S. the only country on the planet (to my knowledge) where people are fighting Tesla’s business model?

    …just why…? It’s so counter-productive, when you consider the long-term…they have become/are becoming – obsolete, very quickly.

    1. Spain stopped Supercharger roll out, because of no standard end plugs.

      Do not know weather recent green light means that Tesla will provide them or Spain changed their stance.

      1. The Supercharger map shows them under construction in en route to Madrid/Murcia/Granada…and in operation throughout the length of Catalonia, and Southern France.

        Maybe the roll-out went ahead! I think if other car companies want to outlay millions of dollars for their own standard, because their ego and hubris can’t allow them to concede that the Superchargers are SUPERIORchargers…then let them; but they need to hurry up. The German manufacturers are falling behind with every week they delay the inevetable.

    2. It’s called crony capitalism, brought to you over the last century by the Ds and the Rs. If you want a real change, go vote for Gary Johnson this November!

      1. I think I’d be voting for Jill Stein if I wasn’t just a nosey Limey with a falsley-appointed superiority complex…

        If I end up in the Bay Area with ‘my boys’ the Giants/49ers…I’ll be voting that way!

        1. Fair enough Kiernan. I’m no Stein fan as I’m far too conservative for many of her policies, but I’ll tell you this – I would rather see Jill Stein as our next President than either Trump or Clinton. At least Stein seems to be a decent human being, even if I don’t like her politics.

          And there’s nothing wrong with a good, nosey Limey. After all, England is where many of us in the US trace our family history.

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