Tesla Snake Charger Gets Real

I was just writing about Tesla’s elusive automatic “solid metal snake charger” last week, when discussing Volkswagen’s recently unveiled automatic electric vehicle charger. Perhaps Tesla heard, as it just unveiled a video of its work-in-progress snake charger on its Facebook page (a couple of hours ago).

Unfortunately, Facebook videos can’t be embedded, so you have to jump on over to Facebook to check it out. Update: the video is also on YouTube, so here it is:

Yep, looks like a snake, looks automatic, looks like solid metal, and looks like it charges a Tesla. Is there much else to say? Well, it looks a little creepy to me, tbh… but also cool. Weird, for sure.

As others have noted when we’ve written about such chargers, it’s hard to imagine the extra cost of an automatic charger makes any “sense” when it’s so easy to spend a few seconds plugging the car in yourself. However, I’m sure such a charger would find many of buyers simply for the “cool” factor. Remember, many of the things we spend money on are not very useful or “worth the money,” but desires that go beyond practicality and efficient use of cash.

Anyhow, the metal solid snake charger has been unveiled. Thanks to Chris DeMorro for the tip!

4 thoughts on “Tesla Snake Charger Gets Real

  1. Think about it this way – Tesla can easily make 8 hour drives as simple as a quick overnight trip… autopilot feature can drive while the user sleeps, but needs to charge every 260 miles (3-4 hours). With this, the user can continue to sleep through the charge…

    Can’t wait until both of these features are fully released – will shake up the airline industry a bit…

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