Tesla Sales Allowed In Which States? (MAP)

Not completely clear on the present state of Tesla’s war with the dealership associations? Not sure in which states Tesla sales are legal, and in which states Tesla is barred from direct sales?

Don’t worry, Mojo Motors has you covered with its nice new infographic on the subject (Thanks to @MaxKats88 for passing it along). The infographic clearly shows which states have banned direct sales, and which are open for business. Enjoy. 🙂

tesla sales map

3 thoughts on “Tesla Sales Allowed In Which States? (MAP)

  1. I am not sure which is correct and which is not, but this one is different than the source one. In this one it says you can’t buy direct in Indiana and in the source it says you can. I am not sure that it is important, but I thought that it should be pointed out!

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