Tesla Model X Delivery Schedule On Target, Model 3 On Schedule Too

The delivery schedule for Tesla’s Model X SUV is still on track, going by the company’s most recent filing with the SEC (on April 23) — which reported that both the Alpha and Beta prototypes of the electric SUV had been completed.

Following on the completion of those two prototypes, all that’s left now is the completion of the production version of the Model X — which is still (tentatively) due for release this September.

White Tesla Model X In Palo Alto (Video)

If we’re going to use the development of the Model S as a benchmark, then the recent completion of the Beta prototype puts the pioneering electric vehicle (EV) company on track for a release in September — as the production Model S was first available about 9 months about the completion of the Beta.

Also worth noting, the recent SEC filing made note that the Model 3 was still on schedule as well — with an expected release in 2017.

So… All around, good news. Perhaps the delays associated with the Model X are now finally in the past. (We can hope at any rate. 🙂 )

The filing also mentioned that Tesla was expecting to deliver around 55,000 vehicles altogether (worldwide) in 2015. The majority of these sales will be via the Model S, considering the relatively late (in the year) release date for the Model X and Tesla’s monthly sale (delivery) rate. As it stands, Model S production capacity currently stands at around 1,000 units a week.

Here’s to hoping that the Model X continues to stay on track! It’ll be interesting to see how the electric SUV does in the various markets after release. In particular, the Chinese market will be an interesting one to watch.

Image Credit: Tesla Motors

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