Tesla’s Supercharger In Valle d’Aosta, Italy, Will Be Biggest In World

Tesla’s soon-to-be-finished Supercharger station in Valle d’Aosta, Italy, will be the largest Supercharger station in the world once completed, based on the most recent pictures of construction on the project — which clearly show 14 charging stalls being constructed.

For those wondering why this location will be home to the largest Supercharger station in the world (only for the time being of course), it’s probably worth remembering that the spot is a bit of a crossroads between Italy, France, and Switzerland. There will likely be some pretty heavy traffic — and no one wants to wait around for a stall to open while they’re traveling, so it makes some sense. (Tip of the hat to “Manuel” on the Tesla Motors Club forum for making a note of that, and starting the forum thread.)


Considering Tesla’s goals with regard to sales, perhaps particularly large Supercharger stations such as this are set to become the norm anyways? Perhaps just at busy crossroads?

Either way, a couple of other things worth noting: from the looks of it, I’d say that solar roofs seem pretty likely (practically a given). And possibly battery storage as well — seems to be what that big white box is. Hard to say at this point, though it’d seem likely that the company would just go ahead and make most stations feature energy storage, wouldn’t it? Especially when you consider the company’s move towards the commercial energy storage market. You’d expect that they’d use their own product as much as possible wouldn’t you?

Those interested in more (particularly those that can read Italian) can do so on Tesla Italia’s FB page.

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