Tesla Hiring For Move Into 2nd Manufacturing Facility?


Tesla Motors is planning to expand into a second facility in California — in Lathrop, about 52 miles northeast of the Fremont facility — according to recent reports.

The company has apparently already been granted building permits to modify a 431,000-square-foot ex-Chrysler facility located in the area. From the looks of it, the company is also currently in the process of hiring workers for the facility, with over 30 job openings currently listed on its website.

While the Gigafactory no doubt wins out on gluts and glamour, this other, much more below-the-radar expansion, is certainly worth being aware of — and serves as a good sign.

The exact plans for the facility are not yet completely clear, but the facility was previously used by Chrysler’s Mopar parts and accessories division.

Interestingly, Tesla has recently been buying up a fair amount of other real-estate in California as well, as Bloomberg recently reported — more than 625,000 square feet worth, over the last two months. That number doesn’t include real-estate used for consumer sales or service centers.

In related news, while we’re on the subject of the Tesla Gigafactory, I think it’s worthwhile to bring up something not oft-mentioned but very important. While the Gigafactory could certainly be a game-changer with regard to new batteries, an equal or perhaps even bigger impact could be through the replacement of old batteries with new ones, potentially allowing for a car that would last you your whole life.

Because, you see, EVs simply don’t require much maintenance — they just are, inherently, not as complicated as gas-powered cars. The main limitation is battery lifespan, which a fully up-and-running battery replacement program could address. More than address, actually, because with improvements in battery technology, your car could end up leaving the facility with a better battery than it had when it was brand new. 🙂

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