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Tesla Gets Free Advertising From NASA As SpaceX Sets Out To Capture The Flag

The day coming soon when NASA astronauts launch into space again is one that will leave us with tears in our eyes and chills running down our spines — from joy, pride, and love. It is history in the making, dreams coming true, and another step for humanity and Americans. 

“Capture the flag” refers to the U.S. flag that was flown on the first and last NASA Space Shuttle missions. SpaceX is set to grab it as a major prize for its historical mission. During the last shuttle mission, the crew of Atlantis pinned an American flag on the docking hatch of the ISS. This is the same flag that flew aboard Shuttle Columbia’s maiden voyage in 1981

As a result, Tesla, the other company run by SpaceX’s CEO, Elon Musk, is getting some free press from NASA and the media covering the launch.

One of the key marketing strategies for any type of company that sells things is advertising. Statista noted that global advertising spending will surpass $560 billion in 2019. However, Tesla is a company that is known for completely ditching this valuable marketing strategy. 

In fact, Tesla’s ads come from its fans, supporters, customers, and shareholders, not from Tesla. Some Tesla owners are celebrities, such as musician Jaden Smith, who loves Elon Musk and his own Model X that he’s featured in a few of his videos. 

SpaceX and NASA are about to embark on a historic launch — sending astronauts to space for the first time in almost a decade. NASA is using Crew Dragon and the Falcon 9 to do this — a first for NASA when it comes to sending people into space. 

Leading up to this launch were two Tesla Model X vehicles — one for each of the astronauts going into space. When you have NASA sharing videos and images live of your vehicle being used for the astronauts — all suited up in the SpaceX spacesuits — this makes for great advertising. 

“After all the people who said EVs and reusable rockets would never work, after all the hard work and long hours, a Tesla Model X drives NASA astronauts to the launchpad where they will be taken to the ISS from a SpaceX rocket,” tweeted Danielle X on Twitter. 

This is a reminder to all of you dreamers out there. Keep believing in yourself. No matter how difficult or impossible it may seem, it can happen. Learn from Elon Musk. 

In 2012, Neil Armstrong had some harsh words regarding commercial space exploration. Armstrong was one of the first humans to walk on the moon and he testified before Congress in protest of SpaceX and other companies looking to commercialize space. 

He said that the commercialization of space could threaten America’s dominance in space exploration. I am sure that if he was still alive today, he would have had a change of heart while witnessing SpaceX restoring America’s dominance in space exploration.

Elon Musk never gave up. Then he said that he was confident that his rocket and space capsule would launch an astronaut into space. “I believe that is the most likely outcome.” Fast forward 8 years later and here we are, stepping into that dawn of a new era. Never ever give up on your dreams.

Top image courtesy NASA/Bill Ingalls.

Written By

Johnna Crider is a Louisiana native who likes crawfish, gems, minerals, EVs, and advocates for sustainability. Johnna is also the host of GettingStoned.online, a jewelry artisan and a $TSLA shareholder.


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