Tern Bicycles Announces Their First Class 3 E-Bike; The HSD S11

December 21st, 2020 — In response to the growing demand for urban mobility solutions, Tern is preparing to bring the HSD S11—the urban mobility specialist’s first Class 3 e-bike—to the U.S. market. The HSD is a mighty but mini urban e-bike that’s easy to handle but has the hauling capacity of a mid-sized cargo bike. The HSD S11 features the Bosch Performance Line Sport motor, which allows the bike to reach assisted speeds of up to 28 miles per hour.

“The e-bike market is booming, but what’s most exciting is that a lot of this growth is from new riders discovering how great it is to get around by bike,” said Steve Boyd, General Manager of Stile, the US distributor for Tern. “Cycling is clean, green, and socially distanced. And with Bosch’s powerful new motor, the HSD S11 just might become the fastest way to get around dense urban neighborhoods.”

The HSD is shorter than a standard bicycle, making it easy to ride and easy to own. Space-saving features like FlatFold and Vertical Parking make it even more convenient—especially for big-city dwellers with limited space. The frame and fork of all HSD models—including the new HSD S11—are EFBE-tested to 170 kg (374 lb) using demanding German cargo bike standards.

The original HSD lineup included only Class 1 e-bikes, which are pedelecs with a maximum assisted speed of 20 mph. Class 3 e-bikes like the S11 also use pedal-assist exclusively but can reach assisted speeds of up to 28 mph. The S11’s higher maximum assisted speed is made possible by the Bosch Performance Line Sport drive unit, which was launched earlier this year.

The Performance Line Sport boasts 65 Nm of maximum torque and boosts the rider’s pedal input as much as 300 percent to create a smooth, powerful ride. HSD equipped with the optional Captain’s Chair and other passenger-carrying accessories.

Like all HSD models, the HSD S11 comfortably fits riders from 4’11” to 6’5”. And it’s built to carry an additional passenger —from child to small adult (up to 132 1 lb)—with optional accessories. Other notable HSD S11 features include a 500 Wh battery for a range of up to 74 miles, an 11-speed Shimano Deore XT Shadow+ derailleur, and Magura hydraulic disc brakes. The HSD S11 has an MSRP of $4,199 (U.S. dollars) and will arrive at U.S. dealerships in January 2021.

Enormously Useful, Surprisingly Sporty: Tern Launches the Class 3 HSD S11

Image & press courtesy of Tern Bicycles

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