EV & Autonomous Driving Technologies Will Inevitably Merge, Lux Research Writes

There are big changes coming to the automotive industry over the next couple of decades. In particular, electric vehicle and autonomous driving (self-driving car) technologies are set to shake things up — possibly even resulting in […]

Lux Research Launches “EV Inflection Tracker” To Predict Year EVs Make Up More Than 50% Of Car Sales

The research firm Lux Research has launched a new tool — dubbed the “EV Inflection Tracker” — with the intent of helping predict when exactly the electric vehicle market will comprise over 50% of new car […]

Lux Research: Alternative Battery Technologies (Li-S, Solid-State, Etc) Will Hit $10 Billion Mark By 2030

While lithium-ion batteries will remain the dominant modality for at least the next decade, alternative battery technologies — lithium sulfur (Li-S), Solid-State, etc — will rapidly grow in importance over that period of time, according to […]

Lux Research: Volkswagen “In A Strong Position To Innovate Their Way Out Of This Mess”

Despite the legal (and public perception) issues, Volkswagen could well be in a “strong position to innovate their way out of this mess,” according to the research firm Lux Research. This possible outcome, according to the […]