ID.3 Starts Series Production: The Transparent Factory in Dresden to Become the Home of the Volkswagen ID.

Start of ID.301 serial production today is a milestone of the strategic realignment Fourth Volkswagen MEB site in the world From advice to co-construction to delivery of the ID. family: Focus on holistic customer experience Additional focus: […]

Phasing Out the e-Golf: Volkswagen Prepares To Launch The ID.3 At The Transparent Factory in Dresden

Production of the e-Golf2 ends today: 50,401 units manufactured in Dresden since March 2017 After rebuilding the production: The first ID.3 roll off the assembly lines at the end of January Danny Auerswald, head of the plant: […]

Emden Plant Embarks on New Era of E-Mobility

Even in the coronavirus crisis, the Volkswagen brand is consistently moving ahead with the changeover of its plants to e-mobility in line with its plans. The conversion of the Emden plant has already started and the […]