Daimler Trucks’ Platform Strategy For Standardized Electrics/Electronics Architecture Moving Forward

Daimler Trucks is moving forward with its platform strategy to standardize electrics/electronics architecture across brands and regions, according to a new press release from the company. To put that perhaps more simply — there’ll be uniform hardware […]

Electric Cars = 29% Of Car Sales In Norway

Plug-in hybrids appear to be gaining significant market share in Norway, possibly at the expense of all-electric vehicles, going by the May 2016 sales figures recently compiled by the EV Sales blog. Year-on-year sales growth for […]

Daimler Creates “Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH” To Manage Stationary Energy Storage Business

With Daimler AG’s stationary lithium-ion battery energy storage business now getting its feet, the company has gone ahead and established a new body — Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH — to handle the development and global sale of […]

15 Interesting Europe Electric Car Charts

The European Alternative Fuels Observatory recently reached out to let me know about the fascinating electric car data it aggregates and organizes for the European market. Its website is a treasure trove of fun electric car […]

SAE International OKs SAE TIR J2954 Wireless Power Transfer For Light-Duty Plug-In/ Electric Vehicles & Alignment Methodology For Publication

Originally published on CleanTechnica. An important new industry guideline for wireless power transfer technology and infrastructure — “SAE TIR J2954 Wireless Power Transfer for Light-Duty Plug-In/ Electric Vehicles and Alignment Methodology” — was recently approved for […]

Tesla, Chevy Volt, & Ford Energi Top US Electric Car Sales Charts

Yes, Ford Energi in the title probably comes as a little bit of a surprise, but if you add Ford’s two Energi models together, they almost tie the Chevy Volt for #2 in US electric car sales […]