Tesla Model 3, AutoTrader’s New Car Of The Year, Is Reminiscent of “When The iPhone First Came Out.”

AutoTrader recently announced that Tesla’s Model 3 is its pick for the New Car of the Year for 2020. Its “New Car Awards” is an awards ceremony that heaps praise on car manufacturers for excellence in […]

Apple Reveals More About Self-Driving Vehicle Research With Journal Publication

A pair of Apple computer science researchers just submitted a paper focused on a software approach to helping self-driving vehicles more easily spot pedestrians and cyclists, while actually using fewer sensors, to the independent online journal […]

Apple Betting Big On Shared, Autonomous, Electric Vehicles

Apple has spent more money on the research and development of electric, autonomous vehicles in the last few years than it did on the development of the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch — combined. So, needless to […]

Elon Musk: Tesla Doubling Production Every Year

Elon Musk was recently interviewed by the BBC. You can watch the video above for the whole deal. Some key summary points are: Elon Musk had to reiterate Tesla’s “secret master plan” to explain a variety of […]

Why Would Apple Sell An Electric Car? Former Exec Jean-Louis Gassee Explains

Even with all of the ongoing discussion concerning the persistent rumors about an autonomous electric car from Apple, the question of why exactly the company might choose to release such a product has perhaps not been […]